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“The RoseBouquet”

My Banner Year Christmas Letter

Yes, my banner year Christmas letter is done!

If you know me, you are aware that my biggest Christmas project is to get my annual letter done, and usually I design a Christmas card and make big batches of them. However, I have realized that I really do NOT have the time for that this December. It would be foolish to try. My letter, and my review of the book I wrote, will have to be the extent of my Christmas mailing and interaction.

There are still a number of senior relatives and friends on my mailing list who are Luddites. That is, they have no computer and don’t want one. There is no way to send them my email link to download and read my letter. They need a printed edition.

Ah…(sigh)! My colour laser printed had worked with the LEAP system I had installed on this computer, but I had other issues and so some weeks ago I’d tried to re-install LEAP, still problems with my KMail program. I did it over several times over several weekends. Finally, i gave up until I knew from the Lord what to do about it. I was glad that I could still do most everything else in this older system, openSUSE, but it is no longer supporter so no updates.

Last Friday I was ready to try again. I backed up the files on the other system, then installed a new LEAP system over it, overwriting all the files. That has finally got rid of the problem I’d had. However, now I had to re-setup the printer and fine-tune my settings and before I can move in there full-time. It’s like moving into a new home. You can’t do it all in one day.

Ah-but-hallelujah! My Colour printer is working again! So now I can print my letters and get busy with my PSs and addressing them.

Lucky you! The subscribers to the RoseBouquet can go online (or download) this Banner year letter in just seconds. You are the first to get at it. I’ve also provided as a separate document my own Book Review of the book I wrote, “Workers Together With God.”

You’ll get access to both with this link: My Banner Year -2017 & Book Review

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