“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

My “Organ Recital”

When you spend a lot of time with seniors, you will hear Organ Recitals quite often. These are not musical performances. Rather a description of what is wrong with their various bodily organs.

The only musical instrument I play is a radio, and I generally refrain from giving “organ recitals”, however, today that is all I have to offer you. You may quickly delete this email if you have a rule about not reading anything negative.

The last week or so has been rather painful for me. Last week I began to have pain in my left shoulder blade near my spine. it increased day by day, so Thursday morning I was ready to make an appointment to see my chiropractor. He has cleared it up for me in the past when I’ve had intense muscle or nerve pain. It did catch me a bit off-guard when he told me I had a cracked rib near the spine. After a deep massage he also buzzed back and forth over the area with a machine that vibrates until the muscles give in and relax. He explains that the injury to the bone and nerves causes the muscles in that area to seize up and that pain is what drives me to find help.

I went home feeling much better. But that evening I got a crazy itch in my left armpit. When I went to bed I took a closer look and realized that I had a row of lesions there. By that time they not only itched but seemed to be on fire – at least an inch deep. I slathered some aloe vera gel on a folded handkerchief and tucked it over the spots. Immediately the pain dropped down a number of notches! Great, I could sleep.

But it grew worse on Friday, even though I reapplied the aloe vera gel, and my mind was busy exploring diagnoses. By evening I was ready to go see my doctor. But when I checked the clinic’s website I found that even their walk-in-Clinic is closed over the weekend.

I resigned myself to taking care of myself over the weekend. By taking painkillers at regular intervals, and applying the aloe vera gel whenever the need arose again, I managed to do some Saturday chores, and prepare food for Sunday and I went to church and spent time with a friend in the afternoon, and took her to a Ladies Connection meeting at church in the evening. I was actually surprised at how well I managed, still, I promised myself that I would call the LifeBridge Centre first thing at 9 am on Monday, and if my doctor was not available I’d take whoever was available in the walk-in clinic.

Which is what happened yesterday. I got a different doctor, but he was very kind and gracious, and quickly agreed with my diagnosis of Shingles. I told him how I had cleared up Dad’s case of shingles with aloe vera for 4 days. (People always like to hear that story).

But I conceded that in my case a prescription was probably in order. I had to do a half hour of shopping in a big store while I waited for the Pharmacy dept. to get it ready. I’m to take 2 at a time, 3 times a day for 7 days. Which I did yesterday. When I checked in a mirror I found two more on my back, but where neither of my hands can reach them!

The pharmacist told me that a side effect might be a slight headache. This morning I woke up with an excruciating headache! A bath eased it a bit, but I’ve just spent 4 hours in the recliner with hot and cold compresses over my eyes, and the tension has let up enough so I can get this RoseBouquet written.

Right now, the level of coping I did over the weekend is my goal. I really don’t want to be as sick as this morning all week.

The sinking bit of knowledge I have, (and which drives me to pray harder) is that all the seniors in my home town, and elsewhere that I’ve ever heard of getting shingles – except for Dad – had it the rest of their lives. Yucck!

So I’m going to try to sit up at the computer and work when I can, but if you can’t connect with me, it may be that I have a lot more COPING to do than I’d expected.

I do believe, with God’s help, I can overcome this. I just don’t know how soon.

If you would like to pray for me, – that would be greatly appreciated! Thank You ever so much!

Herewith ends my Organ Recital.

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