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My Outdoor/Indoor Exercise Plan

Are you open to learning about my outdoor/indoor exercise plan?

Every January I hear about people who resolve to lose weight and begin to exercise more, and in the past I’ve smiled pityingly and ignored them. Nothing to do with me!

However, this past year I’ve noticed that my weight creeps up to a a higher number ever so subtly.

Now, in the winter, my tummy gets in the way when I want to put on my boots – or take them off. I have to sit down and put each ankle on the opposite knee – which is a struggle. So I’ve been paying attention to diets and exercise plans. This weight gain shall NOT continue!

I do not know yet if the plans I’ve devised for myself will be terribly effective, but I am now getting into a bit of a routine with them, and I THINK … I may be making a bit of progress. (Hopefully I’m not speaking about this too soon).

I’ve sworn off all sugar in the past, and I’m doing that again. (My weakness for chocolates over the holidays was scary!) Smaller meals, made from scratch; I’m avoiding heat n’ eat packages. Plus, I’m considering going gluten-free.

Athletics and sports have never interested me in the least. The walking I did for a number of years, to and from my office at the WTM building did me considerable good, but I’ve got out of the habit the last year and a half. I used to pray for my family members while I walked, so now I get up and I pace back and forth through the rooms of my little house while I pray for them before I allow myself any breakfast.

But that’s not enough. I read online about an intensive exercise plan, whereby you do some exercise moves with ALL YOUR MIGHT for 30 seconds. Then rest for 90 seconds, and repeat. Ultimately, you should do 8 of those sets, intensive exercise/rest. However, I can only do 3 at a time yet. So I’m going to build up until I can do 8 sets at a time. So far my exercise only takes less than 10 minutes, and I basically stand on the mat in front of my desk and run on the spot, swinging my arms as I go. 30 seconds of that has me quite winded, but apparently that is the point. This kind of intensive bursts of activity triggers our hormones to come to alive and they give us energy, healing, and even trigger weight loss.

I’ve discovered that this exercise works best before I go to make a meal. Once I’m snacking while I’m cooking the exercise just doesn’t want to happen. Nor would it work on a full stomach.

Now, I want to point out that I don’t do this every day. I have an outdoor alternative. I can bundle up (our temperature is -22 Celsius this morning, for example), and go out to sweep my steps and walk and clear the sidewalk in front of my property and sometimes my neighbours’ too. It all depends on how long I can work before my fingers start to freeze inside my fleece and leather mitts.

I try to do the front steps/walk in the mornings – if needed, and the back steps and garden path after 5 pm before making supper. When I come in from that outdoor work I’m usually panting and at my point of exhaustion too, but it feels good!

Of course, if it has not snowed, I’m back to my indoor running on the spot.

I’m not sure if this inspires you at all. Perhaps it just makes you smile at me, and you shake your head at that “silly Goose.”

Remember, about that turkey and the case of mushroom soup given to me last week? Well, on Tuesday afternoon, after I’d written about it, I was in a Facebook messaging conversation with my next door neighbour, (they had been away to Calgary), and we exchanged our ‘unusual weekend’ stories. It turned out that they knew a young people with kids who were in financial straits because the husband had not been paid by his employer before Christmas. He has a new boss, but it would take a while before he got paid on that job. So, I happily took the frozen turkey and the case of mushroom soup over next door so they could pass them on to that couple. I feel very good about that!

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