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“The RoseBouquet”

My Pumpkin Story

the pumpkin, just out of the oven

Last week an acquaintance had sent me three pumpkin recipes that looks so good, I felt I had to buy a pumpkin after all. I don’t always bother, and had not grown any spaghetti squash, which I often use as a substitute. So besides all the other things I was doing I took time to cut open the top, scoop out the seeds, and set the pumpkin I’d bought on a cookie sheet to bake, while I went to spend the evening working at the computer.

peek inside the pumpkin

Some hours later the scent of the baked pumpkin was overwhelming, so I went back to pull it out, and scrap out some of the pulp to put into containers to set aside until I could puree them and use them for my recipes.

scraping the pulp out of the pumpkin walls

Later, after midnight, I came back and finished the scraping job, but wished I’d done it all when the pumpkin was still hot.

The next day I tried the recipe for the pumpkin soup. That turned out quite tasty!

I also pureed some to make my pumpkin torte dessert as an alternative for the missions banquet, as the caterer had described his dessert as being very sweet. I know there are enough diabetics around now, that an alternative dessert choice for them would be a good move.

one crockpot with pumpkin pulp to cook to puree consistency

That turned out to be true. I’d made both a pumpkin torte and another one with cherries (tho’ that one did not set and was rather runny). I made these desserts with stevia instead of sugar. I’d also brought two bowls of mandarin oranges. All of these dessert options totally disappeared, and there was lots of the ethnic dessert left over. I suspect a number of people chose to call themselves diabetic for that short period. 🙂

Furthermore, I’ve made my current batch of breakfast muffins with pumpkin added to my super-duper recipe.

There are also two good-sized storage bowls with lids in the freezer filled with more pumpkin for future recipes. So I’m content. I’ll get to try more recipes with this versatile stuff.

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