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“The RoseBouquet”

My Saturday Plant Sale

Just for something different I’ll tell you about my Saturday plant sale. I even have some photos to show you.

You may recall that I was transplanting a lot of aloe vera into bigger, better pots and look forward to growing some giant aloes this winter. But I have only so much window sill space, and the shelves in the pantry. So, I needed to get rid of about 22+ Christmas cactus plants and some Sanseveria Zeylancia plants (also known as, snake plants). They have very tall, fairly stiff or firm leaves pointing straight up to the ceiling.

Plant Sale on Saturday

I decided that since the weather was extra nice I would have an impromptu lawn sale of plants on Saturday. My only advertising was a notice on Facebook, once I had arranged them on a makeshift table, and taken photos to post. (Two customers came by before I had finished that announcement). I also had taped 2 signs on the boxes on the table, and I hung one on my back gate with twist-ties. A lot of traffic goes down that alley!

2 pots full of plants to separate - Sanseveria Zeylancia, or Snake plants

The snake plants had been having families in their pots. So, while I waited for more customers I worked on my front steps to get those plants out and transplant them each into a pot of their own. A couple of times I scurried inside to hunt for more suitable containers. I manged to get 5 plants out of the white container, and I believe it was 9 out of the other pot.

here some are repotted and some  waiting their turn - more on other side of empty pot

I had marked the Christmas cactus, and a few baby aloe vera at $2/each. The snake plants at $5/each, and explained to people that in Europe people gladly pay $45 each for one of these plants.

Of course, I knew there would not be crowds of people lined up to buy these plants, so once I’d caught my breath after the work of repotting the snake plants, and had a snack, I got a stool and a lined garbage bin, and put on my worst garden gloves to creep along the path as I reached into the flowerbeds to pull up weeds, and leaves, etc., and generally tidy them up. I paused of course whenever anyone stopped to look at the plants and to buy some.

By the time I had worked my way from my front steps to the sidewalk and around the corner and around my floral circle, my tummy was quite tired of being folded over, and my lower back was crying for mercy. I grabbed my rake and raked the lawn – it’s not that big, before I tied the second bag and plunked it next to the hollyhocks by the fence. This is to give them shelter during the winter from the cold winds and temperatures to some degree.

Oh yes, and earlier I had poured epsom salts in water, and some other strong household cleansers down the holes that my cousin Gary had drilled in the old tree stump. (That is to kill the roots so that they don’t grow through my sewer lines any more).

last plants moved over stump for a while

Tired, and debating about how long to keep the sale going, I decided to move the table and plants to park over the stump. I would be able to watch for more buyers from my window then. So I thought. Turned out not to work so well. But after 4 pm when the woman came back who had asked me to set aside her 5 choices, and when she bought another one… I decided that the best hours for a sale were over. – I carried the left over plants into my front porch. Took down the sign from the back gate, and had another snack at the fridge. Then I collapsed into my recliner for a refreshing snooze.

Hey, I made more money than I did in spring the May Saturday when I had a Wee Yard Sale!

But now I’ve had to find places for these plants in the house, until I can sell or give them away. Maybe via Kijiji?

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