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My Snow-Shoveling Tips

Just in case you live where there is snow, and in case you are struggling with this chore, let me share a few of my self-discovered tips for doing it well and enjoying it more.

1. Stop griping about winter; you can’t make it go away, complaining will only make your suffering feel worse.

2. Call the snow shoveling your exercise plan; decide that you really need and want this exercise.

3. Get the right kind of shovel for the sidewalk or paths you must clear. A light, narrow aluminum scoop or shovel will give you a lighter load to lift, and can get underneath some of the harder snow, so that you clean right down to the sidewalk.

4. Make a point of doing it late afternoon, or not much later than 5 or 5:30 pm. The temperature may be warmer during the day, but it will dip to freezing as soon as the sun sets, so do it while the snow is light and fluffy. Once it is frozen, you’ll have to work much harder to move it.

5. If it snows all day, go out about mid-day and clear the paths even while it is snowing. Then, when you go out again late afternoon, you’ll have half as much to shovel as you would have had if you waited until it was all over.

6. If it has snowed all night, try to get out in the morning to shovel snow, so that when the sun comes out it will quickly melt the thin layer of stuff you can’t get up off the cement, and voila! You’ll have a clear, dry sidewalk!

7. Should you have an extra long or wide path to clear of snow, and you get so winded you have to stop to breath for a while, take time to stop and rest. Break up the job into sections and go inside for a break for a while. Don’t try to do it all at one time. You don’t want to be one of those heart attack stories with the sad death ending. Shoveling snow may be great exercise, but not if you lose common sense and kill yourself at it. Know when to say, “This is enough for now!”

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