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New Permanent Glasses

Yesterday I went to see my Optometrist, and got a prescription for my new permanent glasses. I left my frame from last year in July, so they just need to put the new lenses into them. They will be progressive so I will be able to see close, mid-range and the upper part will allow me to see into the distance without removing them. What’s more, because my prescription is not nearly as strong as they were before, these lens did not cost nearly as much as last year.

The new lenses have to come from the west coast, and so they will phone from the office when they arrive. Which may be next Monday.

I try not to get too distracted with wearing drugstore magnifying glasses. I’ve never been very impressed with people who wear such glasses on the tip of their nose. Yet, I’ve found myself doing that more and more often, simply so that I can quickly find them when I need to see things close up. But for talking with people or driving or doing things outside, I can take them off, or just look over these glasses.

Truly, I am quite ready to go back to wearing my glasses up close and steadily all my waking moments.

On the other hand, I am grateful that I have made it through this summer with all the intensive computer work I’ve had to do, with just these cheap magnifying glasses to do it with.

If you should need to have cataract surgeries, I trust you will benefit from it in the long run too.

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