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“The RoseBouquet”

Organ Recital – Part 2

Here is my Organ Recital – Part 2 for those who have been so compassionate and have reached out in kindness to me this past week. You are probably waiting to hear how things have turned out so far.

I found that taking my prescription and some painkillers about every 6 hours allowed me to carry on almost normally with my life last week. I also managed to refresh my aloe vera gel compress under my arm a number of times throughout the day. I ran a number of errands on Wednesday besides going to the prayer meeting at the mission office as usual, but sure did need a nap in the afternoon.

Thursday was a quiet day at home except for a couple of quick dashes out to shop for a second-hand camera. But then on the weekend, Friday evening, and all day Saturday, I was at the events the MHSS puts on every year to go with their Annual General meeting. Since I am their webmaster and the editor of their publication, the Historian, I needed to be there to give my reports, but also to take notes on all the sessions and write up a report to be published in the Historian and on the website. I enjoyed the interaction with people there, and made some new contacts. (I just slipped away to the washroom when my compress needed more aloe vera gel from the tube in my purse).

But when I got home at 4 pm on Saturday I suddenly felt quite exhausted and allowed myself a nap in my sleepy recliner.

At 7 pm I woke, refreshed. So I had supper, then did some cleaning, dishes, and brought up the laundry. I confess, I got sleepy again when I tried to work on the history book for the Mission.

We had a lovely spring last week. Most of the snow was gone, the temperatures were above freezing, and even I, who dresses cautiously in winter, had taken to wearing just shoes outside. But Sunday morning, I woke to a white blanket outside and it was still falling down in big furry caps, as my Dad would say.

Getting to church was a struggle. First to wrestle with my padlock on my gate, then waiting on a train at a crossing. It was hard to see if I was in the right or left lane, as the streets were so very white! At noon the plows and sanders were out so it was not so bad.

I took the rest of Sunday to just snooze and rest and do nothing more than answer some emails. My prescription was finished on Sunday night.

So, was I healed of the shingles? Well, they had been greatly reduced in visible size, but the big difference I noticed yesterday was that the pain was not so much on the surface any more. Rather, about an inch below the surface. That seems consistent with what I’d been reading. Shingles are related to our nervous system and the real pain is more of a neuralgia.

I had been puzzled that I couldn’t find “shingles” in my favourite herbal remedies reference book, “Back to Eden.” But when I learned that, I looked up neuralgia, and found a page full of herbs that can help with that! I made a list and on Friday at noon, dashed over to the health food store that is less than a block away.

I’ve been making teas and applying that in my compresses, but also drinking them. So far I haven’t worked out which ones are best, but that may take more time. I do see this as an ongoing learning curve. All the while praying and trusting God to teach me what He wants me to learn from this. I do believe that later on I will be able to help others because of my experiences with this.

P.S. I just got some socks that are to help with neuralgia; I’ll report on that next week.

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