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“The RoseBouquet”

Other Stages in the Publishing Process

You may not realize there are other stages in the publishing process, unless you’ve been all the way through it. Most of my previous book projects have been self-printed as the final step. Well, before promotion and marketing. In this case I was focused on just getting it to the printing company on time. Then the rest was up to them.

It was a pleasant surprise when they notified me that a printed and bound proof-copy was ready for me to see. Somehow I imagined it was just a quick look-see, and then I’d tell them to go ahead, Print!

I was shocked yesterday morning, to see that the cover designs that I had included in a separate file at the end of the list were printed as two sides of an ordinary page at the back, and the title page was used as the front cover. The woman who had worked on the file had only noticed two stray page numbers, and one that was repeated. I though, that will be easy to fix.

But once I got into it yesterday I started to see other things to fix that I’d missed last week. Some photos had to be deliberately set as , for sepia is seen as a colour. I had marked those pages as black and white. So-o-o, I spent yesterday afternoon, evening, and all the way to 3 am to get the book fixed up.

Oh, and just at the end when I was going to place the back cover as the last page. (I’d already made the front cover the FIRST page), the program crashed. When I saw that it was going to be tricky to insert the previously designed back cover, I decided to put it all together, one graphic at a time, ‘from scratch’ so to speak. That turned out to be a blessing; for I was able to choose a few better pictures and improve the whole over-all effect.

Instead of feeling hard-done-by and defeated at the delay, I was able to thank the Lord, for that.

I’m just back from going to the printing company again, showing the employee working on this file what changes I had made, and asking to see samples of the weights of paper they use for covers, as I hoped we could get a sturdier one than what they had used. That was useful too!

She promised another proof will be ready by the end of this week. I trust that will be a – “Go-ahead, Print the books now!” kind of experience.

In the meantime, I’ve been working at tracking down people and calling them, or sending out several batches of letters to my own personal contact lists. There are still a few names on my list of people to look for. But I have a few other wrap-up items on my to-do list. Including, writing a press release. I had meant to do that yesterday, but of course the day ran away on me. Now I realize that by the time it is proof-read and checked by the Exec. Committee, it will be the end of the week. My hope of finding people that way in time so they can order the book in advance at the discount – has dimmed. (That runs out this Friday). The news article will have to focus on inviting people to the Celebration event. So if I can get the paper to print it by the end of next week, that would be good enough.

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