“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”
Aid for You in My Author’s Arbour

Perhaps you have a vivid imagination and ought to be a writer. There is a lot you would like to learn first. Fortunately, I’ve already put some helpful materials into my Author’s Arbour.

Besides my friendship lures like the

February 8, 2006, Tips & Solutions
My Fantasy Valentine

In my early teens I began to daydream and fantasize about a wonderful and perfect husband. He would be ever so attentive and understanding, and have marvelous solutions for every problem that I might have. He would love kids as much as I, and very quickly, we would start adopting all kinds of needy and unwanted kids. More than that, we’d take in even adults who needed to start life over, and train them to be tutors, and to help look after all our children.

February 8, 2006, Ruthe's Roses
Why Mom Would Laugh

If Mom had seen me yesterday she would have laughed. She was a very serious person and didn’t laugh often, but somehow I could hear and see her doing it.

You see, for many years Mom was too weak to do any housework, but she liked to stay at her chair at the table after meals to watch me work in the kitchen

February 1, 2006, At My Place...
Helpful Links on the Song Page

More of the same as I’ve been doing. I’m re-dressing the Ruthes-SecretRoses.com site, and the BouquetofEnterprises.biz site, giving each an hour a day, unless it gets pre-empted.

Saturday night I started the renovations on AGodlyInheritance.com in earnest

February 1, 2006, What's New!
A Hug, Songs, Great Deals & Giveaways!

Have you been needing a word of encouragement and affirmation?
This site has a lovely little movie of fine pictures and words to warm your heart!
If you are looking for books or music, and need the most economical prices online, you are looking for

February 1, 2006, Tips & Solutions
Some Thoughts on Healing

Links Between Sin and Sicknesses
Sickness as Chastisement or Discipline
Strong-willed People
Devoted and Healed!
What about Healing through drugs?

February 1, 2006, Ruthe's Roses
We’re Hopeful Canadians!

I don’t discuss politics too quickly as it tends to divide even friends. However, you might be interested in our level of involvement in our Canadian federal elections.

In the previous election I had agreed to have a lawn sign, and act as a scrutineer at our local polling station, on behalf of our conservative candidate, Maurice Vellacott. (I used to go to the same country Sunday School years ago, as his wife, Mary).
So when their campaign office called and asked abou

January 25, 2006, At My Place...
Renovations – and Trying a Forum

As I indicated last week, I’m going to do a total revamp of the old RoseBouquet section. I’m also putting all the book reviews into the new template or “look.” In fact, yesterday I finished the first introductory article, and you’ll find it in Ruthe’s Roses below.

On the business site, I fussed and fiddled with designing a new

January 25, 2006, What's New!
How to Create PODs

I’ve heard the word POD and POD-casting, but usually brush off things that sound like they will cost a heap. However, this morning I followed a link that led to a site with POD creating little movies that broke down the parts, and explained as much as I wanted to take in at one time.

January 25, 2006, Tips & Solutions
The Kind of Friends I Attract

Dear Readers/Friends,
On the surface, I think there are two kinds of you, and with some over-lapping. As I ponder on this I see coming out of the blurring, a general profile – and yet– yes, with different individual faces. No matter how anyone type-casts us, there are always special details that make us each unique, right? As a rule, I tend to look for the unique details, but just now I’m doing this exercise, and looking for the most common traits in the kinds of friends I attract.

January 25, 2006, Ruthe's Roses

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