“The RoseBouquet”

About and FOR friends of Ruthe’s Secret Roses

“The RoseBouquet”
Just in Time for Joyce

We got back on Sunday evening from a wonderful weekend away to Alberta. (You’ll find my photo story of Kevin and Jena’s wedding in the Ruthes Roses section). I’d meant to drop off my films as we came through Saskatoon, but the Superstore was closed already, so we made another trip into the city (just […]

August 25, 2005, At My Place...
Jalise & Elise Coming, \0/ and Getting Back to Work

Hallelujah, my Get Acquainted forms are working. Two friends have started answering the questions and I’m learning to know them better. Oh, am I ever glad I got those fixed up. Getting ready for the weekend, being away Friday through Sunday, and again most of Tuesday, means – I haven’t got much progress to report, […]

August 25, 2005, What's New!
Long Story Short Writing Courses

I know I have a number of writers in my RoseBouquet of friends, so this may be of interest to you. I wish I could say I’ve talked to former students and verified that it is all above board and of excellent quality. It’s so new there are no former students. So if you are […]

August 25, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Kevin and Jena’s Wedding – A Photo Story

Two summers ago, as Dad and I stopped in Calgary on our return from my niece’s wedding in B.C., my cousin Kevin and I were observing how happily married his brother Robert and Linda were. Robert had asked for prayer that he find a good wife, and I had prayed too. So I asked Kevin […]

August 25, 2005, Ruthe's Roses
Off to a Wedding

We’re gearing up for another weekend away. This is the holiday I’ve been waiting for – for months now! My Uncle Henry and Aunt Frieda Kroeker, in Alberta, have raised five fine sons. I feel closer to them than most of my cousins because in our childhood years, they always came back here to our […]

August 18, 2005, At My Place...
I’ll Tell You, if You Tell Me…About Yourself

Okay! It gives me great pleasure to announce that my Get Acquainted forms ARE working on the site. YES! You start from Ruthes-SecretRoses.com/A/Acquainted.shtml. Do not feel obligated to answer all the questions if you think I’m being too nosey. However, I have worked them out from a seminar I once took on the things we […]

August 17, 2005, What's New!
A Plague Over the Kitchen Sink

We’ve been enjoying a lot of fruit the last few weeks, and though I’ve been hiding what’s left in the fridge, we have a veritable plague of fruit flies this week! All over the sink and kitchen cabinets. I’ve been washing things down but good, and setting out apple cider vinegar and honey in a […]

August 17, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Building a Summer Swing

I realized after last week’s RoseBouquet that I had the photos, and could have done up a story of Dad and my brother Ernie building that swing in Winnipeg in early July. It slipped my mind. However, I’ll give you the photo story here now. Dad bringing out the cord to start on the swing. […]

August 17, 2005, Ruthe's Roses
Dad as a Craftsman

Last week we had bought a case of peaches. I’ve just had to clean up a bunch and get them into plastic containers for the freezer, as they were beginning to turn bad. I’m running out of those plastic containers, so I may have to go back to using glass jars again if this keeps […]

August 10, 2005, At My Place...
Giddy with Anticipation

I’m still learning about those php forms for my Get Acquainted pages on my site, but I think I latched onto a good pre-written form/script yesterday, and hope that I can still get all four of them functional in the next few days. My heart is really ready to move on to something else. I […]

August 10, 2005, What's New!

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