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December 7, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Sharri – the Little Sister

(a character in Ruthe’s Secret Roses)

The delightful thing about having a little sister, is that you get to watch them grow up. Later on you might even have her for a friend on an equal footing. That’s not guaranteed, but sisters often report growing very fond of one another later, even if they fought over everything as children.

In Ruthe’s Secret Roses, Ruthe has a very close relationship with her younger, seven-year-old sister, but not so close to the middle sister.

December 7, 2005, Ruthe's Roses
Hinting Works

Last week one evening, after doing dishes, I came back in from tossing the compost on the garden (we let it freeze and disintegrate in the spring, and then Dad rotor tills it into the soil). and I said to Dad, who was sitting in his recliner, “You know, next summer I’m going to persist in bringing up and whining for a yard light at the back of the house to shine into the garden. Do you think it will help?”

November 30, 2005, At My Place...
13 Christmas Meditations – as my Gift to You

My gift e-book, 13 Christmas Meditations, is ready for your Advent reading. A gift from me to you. I had the devotionals written and ready last year, but didn’t get to formating them into an e-book. Now I’ve got that done, and also prepared a print version, which I’ll make into little booklets for friends who still won’t touch a computer. I can’t ignore them just because they are not on the internet planet, can I?

November 30, 2005, What's New!
Work-at-Home-Moms’ Career with Dignity

Are you a work-at-home-mom? Or perhaps on a disability pension and you need some extra income? You could build a simple online business using SiteBuildIt! Look for the stories on this site, of three moms who have tried it and found success

November 30, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Some Clues from You, Please?

My time is up, and I haven’t got a fresh article for this spot, but that gives me an opportunity to make an appeal. This is especially for those who have already read my book, Ruthe’s Secret Roses. It comes to me that I’ve been focusing my marketing and ads on one main theme of […]

November 30, 2005, Ruthe's Roses
I’m Giddy about New Glasses

That’s not all. I’m going to go order my new glasses! I’ve carried a prescription in my purse since June 30, and had been getting a bit concerned because I didn’t have enough saved up yet, and in six months that Rx would be no good. It would cost another $89 to have my eyes re-tested.

November 23, 2005, At My Place...
Things I’m Thankful For…

Have you got a special story of unusual blessings? I’d love to hear it.

As you may recall, here in Canada we already celebrated Thanksgiving Day in October, but that won’t stop me. I have a number of MORE blessings to count;

November 23, 2005, What's New!
All About God

We hear stories on the news of schools where children are taught to be thankful, but not whom to thank. Seems people are strangers to God. We need to make some introductions, if we know Him.

‘All About God’ offers answers to questions non-Christians, or Christian Believers, may be asking. This site has many, many pages with answers!

November 23, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Gratitude Leads to Generosity

I long to become a Giver like God. But I’ve found it doesn’t happen overnight. There is a process to go through, for it involves character, and character has to be built. Some of the construction stages can last for years, even decades.

November 23, 2005, Ruthe's Roses

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