“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”
Our Thanksgiving Weekend

We’re rather pleased with how our Thanksgiving weekend turned out. Sharon, a
niece that we seldom hear from, came from Calgary to spend a few days with us
before the weekend. She wanted a quite place to fast and pray. However, I got in
some precious little chats with her, and was thrilled to see how she has

October 12, 2005, At My Place...
Email SENDING Solved!

First off, I ask you to rejoice with me – my email sending problem is solved!
Oh what a relief! My web-mail interfaces have such tiny fonts, they were a
trial to work with, and it involved a lot of extra copy-and-pasting to reply to
emails. Now I can see well, and the spell-checker is working, and I dash off
emails in a fraction of the time.

October 12, 2005, What's New!
Who’s Been Kind or Generous to You?

I got an email yesterday from David Z. Holmes, who says he’s a regular here. He
also has a site about succeeding with integrity, and he’s decided to offer an
award called Beneficence, to someone who has performed some great act of
kindness. See more here; http://www.davidzackholmes.com/beneficence.html

October 12, 2005, Tips & Solutions
Gordon, A Guileless Man

(introducing a character from my novel, Ruthe’s Secret Roses)

Just Gord, plain medium everything, except for his dull-steel eyes. That’s how
Cathy first introduces him to Ruthe, the main character. Gord is one of a group
of three young men who do things together, mainly looking for fun, when the rich
kid, Lloyd, doesn’t have a personal date with Cathy O’Brien.

October 12, 2005, Ruthe's Roses
We’re Into the Water Cure

When Jalise came about four weeks back, she brought with her some gifts from
her Mom, my younger sister Elsie, who is teaching at the shiny new university
in Qatar. Elsie was back to Canada for a month this summer, but didn’t make it
here to see us, as she’d planned. (In fact, she lost her ticket until just the
last day, so they decided Jalise could come in her place).

Besides a lovely necklace of true salt-water pearls, not cultured, Elsie had
sent a book for me called, “The Body’s Many Cries for Water,”

October 5, 2005, At My Place...

STORY-TELLING – number one means of communicating anything! According to
the International Storytelling Center, there are six stories you need to learn
how to tell: who I am stories, why I am here stories, my vision story, teaching
stories, values in action stories, and “I know what you are thinking” stories:

October 5, 2005, Tips & Solutions
I Kissed Dating Goodbye (reviewed)

[Note: In my novel, the heroine, Ruthe, stands out among her friends for her
resolve not to play the dating game, but to let God be in charge of her romance
department. The results of that resolve will show up in the sequel, which I’m
writing now. Read the following book review to see why this subject is special
to me. – Sometime I must start writing articles to discuss these ideas in more

I heard about this book long before I got to read it just recently. When my
niece was working as a counsellor

October 5, 2005, Ruthe's Roses
My Herb Harvest is In

We had our first serious frost over night. Yep, the roofs of the houses across
the street had white sides to them before I made breakfast, and when I took the
garbage out, the garden soil that Dad had rotortilled already was sporting a
glittering, frosty topping too.

September 28, 2005, Ruthe's Roses
Site Renovations Report

Yes, I’m working around my email sending problem, and getting back to my work
routine. Oh, how good that feels! I have really missed my busy work pace on my
many projects over most of September. Who needs holidays when you have work
that you love, right?

September 28, 2005, What's New!

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