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“The RoseBouquet”

Prepping the Garden

It is that time of year; time for prepping the garden and sowing my seeds.Last week I was trying to find a way to get someone to rototill my garden, or, in desperation, checking to see if I could buy one.

post winter garden - how it was

Though I knew full well that I had no place to store a rototiller for the rest of the year, outside the one hour in May when I need it to go through my garden, I did a search online, and checked out some stores and prices, and then also on Kijiji.

There was an ad for one that by the postal code should be right in my neighbourhood. There was no photo or description, but I emailed the ad poster to ask if I could see it. He wrote that I could come after 5 pm.

Yes, but what is your address? (I was thinking I might walk it home). It turned out to be way on the west side in the newest sub-divisions.

I asked if I’d be able to get it into the trunk of my car. At first he wrote that yes, it should fit. Seconds later he sent another email to say, “Sorry. It won’t work.”

I decided that buying one was a foolish line of thought anyway. I should just trust the Lord to bring someone willing to till it for me, and then I’d just pay them for the service.

Later, talking over the fence with my neighbours I told them about my efforts, and asked if one of their pastor’s sons would be willing to come with the one Joe had borrowed in the past? (He now has a heart condition)

On Saturday afternoon Penny called to say that yes, the red-headed boy, Colton, will come to till my garden one day this week.

What a relief!

one bale of hay scattered on right side

So I’ve been going out for a while after supper to prep the garden for the tilling. Last night I pulled a big bag of weeds, and bagged them with some dead leaves, and garbage. I also pulled apart one of those bales from last year’s ‘experiment’ to be tilled into the garden as compost.- It may be too
thick, so I’ll have to stand by with a rake to spread or pull aside the hay if that doesn’t work.

one bale scattered closeup

Last week I replanted the Dahlia roots I had stored in the basement for the winter, and I bought some seed packets, and a hanging pot of pink begonias, (not realizing that I have no place to hang them. So I’ll try to get some brackets tomorrow.

The forecast is for warmer weather on the weekend, so I shall try to get most of my vegetables seeded, and maybe some of the flowers. I’ll get to the front flowerbeds more gradually next week. I spade up those beds first, around the perennials.

green onions and chives ready to eat

Incidentally, you may be tickled too, as I am to see that the green onions and chives are up already, and I’ve been cutting and using them in my salads, etc.

rhubarb and irises coming up

Over by the rain barrel, the rhubarb plant has risen out of the soil and is thriving. Nearby are the irises, which used to bloom by Mother’s Day. But hey, I’ll welcome them gladly whenever they break into their lovely white and mauve flowers.

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