“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Rita’s Advice Works!

Rita’s advice works! I asked her this morning, as we walked around a long block (for the first time at last), what to do about all the tent caterpillars crawling over everything in my backyard. I have to be careful to brush away the bugs before I grasp a garden spade or hoe, else I’ll have my palm full of gooey, squished bugs!

I am glad to report that they are not eating my flowers, like the irises – which have yet to bloom, but they are eating all the leaves off my big American elms behind the house, and crawling all over the outer walls of my house, and over the lawn chairs and garden tools.

Anyway, Rita and I have finally managed to get together for a morning walk for the first time this morning, and we covered a number of topics. I asked her about the tent caterpillars, and the advice she gave was to spray them with vinegar and detergent. I came home and decided I could spare the time to try it right away.

The first spray bottle wouldn’t spray, so I found another one under the kitchen sink with window spray in it. I poured that into another jar, and poured my vinegar and a strong kitchen/bath cleaner liquid. Then I went outside and happily sprayed every tent caterpillar I saw! On the house, on the tools, on the back gate, on the tent garage, and along the fence. I think I really decimated their population!

I may go around and do this again tomorrow.

Normally, I’m not willing to take life, but I do admit to a measure of satisfaction in seeing those beasties curl up and die right before my eyes!

As an after thought it occurs to me that I could have taken photos. But I was in a hurry to get that job done so I could come inside and write this RoseBouquet.

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