“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Running Out of Time

Running out of time too? More projects left to do than there is time to do them before Christmas?

I’m singing that old refrain too, these days. I’m looking for things to tighten up, thinking about priorities and deciding which things to leave to last in case I won’t get to them. Isn’t it amazing how suddenly somethings are expendable for the sake of getting ready for Christmas?

In my case, I hope to get out my Christmas letters, yet this week, though my printer is misbehaving and the toner I’ve ordered is not going to get here this week, so some letters (to those without email) will have to go out next week. I gave up on making Christmas cards. That’s always a fun, and creative project, but I’ve faced it; there is not time enough!

Now I’m telling myself that I can make the RoseBouquet shorter today.

Linda is coming for a while this afternoon, and we hope to get the photo albums done for the mission. (Well, all except for the Stobbe Era which I will do in January). We got the last ‘old Elliott album’ full of photos scanned yesterday, and I just need to get the labels on all of them and then we have to sort and arrange the pages, put a thick wad of them into page protectors, and – well, it might be next week before I get the cover labels made for the albums, as I want to print them in colour.

On Saturday I sorted through my Gift Cupboard behind the bedroom door, and found some gifts I forgot I had. However, I need to work over my list and see which ones I still need to buy tomorrow.

I did get a small turkey, which I will roast on the weekend, so I can make gravy for the Christmas Day banquet for Shirley’s and my Single friends. I think I’ll take a plate meal for Tom and myself to his apartment (tho’ he’s invited for the next day too), and we can have a quick meal together before I go to the Candelight service at church.

The rest of next week I want to use for my Annual prayer retreat, and planning and plotting my goals and agendas for the new year. I look forward to that, but hope I am not slowed down by a lot of other odds and ends to finish off. – In any case, I’ve decided to take a break and NOT publish the RoseBouquet next week. I’m sure you’ll be busy too… so you won’t miss it. (I hope).

The RoseBouquet will be back on January 2nd. Talk to you then!

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