“The RoseBouquet”

About and FOR friends of Ruthe’s Secret Roses

“The RoseBouquet”

Ruthe and the Best Friend of All

Ruthe is a teen from a dysfunctional family, who has had her share of being lonely and alone, but that has driven her tender spirit to reach out toward God, and the Lord Jesus, whom she was fortunate enough to learn about through Sunday School, church, and her own Bible reading.

Because she has a vivid imagination, she has made Jesus into an intimate, almost romantic man, quite real to her, but whom she respects greatly. He is that one unflawed person in her life, who is stable, never fails, and loves her as she needs to be loved to be whole.

The year she graduates from high school, Ruthe gets a part-time job as a telephone operator, and commuting from her small town to the city, she looks out for others also lonely and in need of a friend.

Maybe “birds of a feather flock together” applies, for Ruthe keeps stumbling into situations where she finds desperate young girls in need, and she overcomes her own lack of sophistication, and her fears to step in and help. Always though, she is sure that her Best Friend is guiding her and doing all that befriending with her. It becomes her big passion to introduce others to the Lord Jesus.

Now many will laugh at this and make fun of a naive girl like Ruthe. She’s a religious kook in their eyes. But you know, there are countless others starved for love and friendship, and as soon as she touches them (and as they read the book), those individuals will do exactly as the other characters in the novel do, they’ll lap up her love and attentions, and put her on a pedestal of sorts. Especially those who connect and get started in their own wonderful intimacy with that Perfect Friend. The One who walks and talks with us in the garden of our aloneness.

I’ve learned a lot about the spiritual aspect of friendship through writing and creating this Ruthe for my novel. Get to know her, and you’ll know me much better too.

Are you ready to do that? Ruthe’s Secret Roses is available for $5.99. You can start at the introduction or jump to the order page.



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