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“The RoseBouquet”

Seeing Things

I’ve been seeing things – unusual things that may not really be there!

Don’t be afraid of me; I’m not dangerous.

But I have been a little worried about my vision. On Saturday morning I woke up with a stiff neck, but I got dressed and got my laundry going downstairs, and a bit later, coming out of the bathroom, I suddenly saw this mirage just inches from my face. It was sort of oval with a foggy or jelly-like center and a border that looked like broken glass bits, and they shimmered and trembled in the sunlight.

There was no pain involved, though I wondered if it was related to my stiff neck. I could look over and around to the left of this mirage, but otherwise it seemed to obstruct my view.

Now, I see an eye specialist at least once or more often during each year, because of family history, I’m a prime candidate for macular degeneration. (Mom, Gra’ma K, Uncle Dave and Uncle Henry K, and on Dad’s side, Aunt Helena). So the specialist has warned me that if I ever see flashing lights or a curtain coming down, I’m suppose to call in quickly.

But was this that kind of experience? I debated and prayed, ,and then decided to find my Dr’s number call to ask. Well, I couldn’t find my card with his contact information, so I looked in the yellow pages of the phone book, but that did no good because I couldn’t remember his long Indian (India) name. His staff and everyone else just calls him Dr. Ravi. Finally, I decided to check online by putting in the keywords, “Dr. Ravi, eye specialist, Saskatoon.” That did the trick. I found his website, which I’d never thought to look for before. But by that time the mirage had disappeared.

So would it be foolish to call? Maybe it was nothing.

Ah, the website said, in an emergency to call the City Hospital and ask for the Eye Surgeon on call.

I decided to wait until Monday morning. I was okay all weekend and yesterday (Monday) too, so I was ready to carry on as if my imagination had just been away on a psychedelic trip.

Then, this morning, when I was about ready to start devotions, the same thing happened. The mirage was not as large. In fact there seemed to be two smaller ones overlapping each other.

I checked for the Dr’s office hours and realized I had to wait until 8:30 to call.

He’s doing surgeries most of the day, and won’t be in the office until mid-afternoon. So the kind receptionist made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, but promised to tell him about my situation when he gets in this afternoon. If he thinks it is urgent she’ll call me to come in – whenever he says.

Actually, on Sunday, when I told a friend about this, she said it sounds like the aura she gets before a migraine. Hmm… I’ve never had one of those. Maybe that’s all this is?

Anyway, I’ve committed all this to the Lord, and am confident He loves me and is on guard for me. Nothing can happen to me except that He allows it. Also, He is well able to heal and make it all turn out normal. He is a greater Physician than Dr. Ravi! So there. I’m in good hands.

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