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“The RoseBouquet”

Selling Socks!

My most current excitement is the selling of socks. You recall, I’ve been mentioning those wellness socks that have special weaving to apply pressure on certain points of your feet to improve your stability, strength, and energy. Yesterday was a red letter day for me, as Rita, my walking friend was ready to place an order for a pair.

She was a bit disappointed that an elderly friend whom she goes to help out regularly was not able to come and check them out for herself too. When I got back from our walk, I went online and placed an order for Rita’s socks, and an extra pair of white socks that have little roses embroidered into them. (The management has been saying that they are going to change the colours once in a while for variety and I was afraid they might not have these for much longer).

Then over supper my friend Doris called and she wanted to order a pair for an elderly friend who has varicose veins and needs to wear knee-high compression socks that are terribly hard to put on or off. Also a pair for herself, though not as long as the knee-highs. So I happily went back to the website and placed that order too.

Actually, I had joined their Sock of The Month Club (SOTMC) a week ago Sunday, and on Wednesday received my two socks. On Thursday morning a friend from London, Ontario, phoned me. (We used to work in Pioneer Girls Club together). She was excited about the After Easter letter I had sent her, in which I mentioned these socks. Helen has had shingles since 2014 and is not rid of them yet, and other health problems have arisen as she is in her 80s now. The socks sounded like they might help her, so she wanted to know more. Before we finished our phone visit I had promised to pack up the pink socks I had just received the day before, and mail them to her. She really wanted two pair, but because we had trouble deciding what size would be best for her, I suggested just sending her one pair first, and then she could ask for the second pair when she saw how well they fit – or didn’t.

So you can see, right, why I’m a bit giddy right now about selling socks? I’ve had 4 orders in 5 days!

In case you want to check out what I’m talking about, visit this site: voxxlife.com/RuthFriesen. Feel free to place your own order right there, and have them deliver the socks straight to your address. If you use the above link I will still get my little commission.

The three customers I just had in the last 5 days are all women who do not know how to go on the internet or use it in any way. So if you prefer, you can also order through me. (Just note that if I have them sent to me, and then I mail them to you, it will take a little longer).

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