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“The RoseBouquet”

Shopping Tips to Save Time and Money

Here’s my shopping tips to save time and money, (thanks to inspiration from the latest Consumer Reports magazine);
1. Look higher and lower for the best priced items; they put the expensive items at eye-level.
2. Go with the no-name or store brands. They are often produced on the same assembly lines as the brand names with no change in quality.
3. Cash-back cards are good. I collect PC points at Superstore and can often deduct $20 from my bills once a month.
(Ask me about Lyoness too!)
4. Shop at a quieter time of day. Less jostling in the aisles and faster checkout. Week-days are better than weekends.
5. Check the flyers for the best priced items – add them to your list – oh, yes, and shop with a list, to avoid distracting extras.
6. Do a quick inventory of your fridge and cupboard before you go, so you don’t have to make extra trips for items you forgot are low.
7. Scoop up savings at the bulk bins for many staples.
8. Avoid prepackaged or prepared foods when possible; it is always cheaper to cook from scratch.
9. Look for discount stores like “No Frills” – where I find better prices than Superstore.
10. Bring your own bags or bins. I’ve sewn some from remnants years ago and they still are stronger and better than the plastic ones. It just takes a little while to make the habit to put them back in the car and to take them into the store. I don’t forget any more!

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