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Technical Troubles

I was hoping to say the technical troubles with the spam subscribers was an old story. I went to Support Chat at Hostgator last night and complained of this problem, and got some advice I had not thought of; to put some lines of txt in the robots.txt file for the blog, blocking the bots. That was easy to do, but I just checked and there were 12 more of those subs this morning. Maybe they came in last night before the cure took effect?

Well, at least that’s a lot less than the heaps and heaps of new subscribers I have deleted there. Maybe the end is in sight.

Another technical trouble has been more than 3 weeks now with the eCommerce site I set up to sell Tom’s diecast models. At first it was error messages, which implied I had files with errors that meant they were out-dated. I took, what I thought, were the simple steps to resolve those issues. But then I became aware that the public could not see the pages on a browser!

I assumed it was the fault of some plugins that were clashing. So I started deactivating some of them. Things got worse.

Yesterday I discovered that most of the hundreds of photos I had already uploaded have disappeared. WooCommerce says that I need to install the theme they recommend. (That’s the one I had in place when the troubles began! But I’ve re-installed it).

If I go to the support departments of the related plugins I am informed that to get some real help I need to upgrade to the paid professional levels of those plugins.

Well, I’m a Frugal Friesen if anything, and my thinking is, that if you can’t impress me with your usefulness at the free level, why would I throw good money away for more of the same kind of service? Duh!!

So, last night I decided to go get a thorough education on building eCommerce sites, so I can discover what I’ve done wrong – if anything, and if I can go ahead without all these plugins. You can get a lot of tutorials in YouTube on just about ANY topic you name! Sometimes that can take a bit of searching. I found many tutorials but the people who were offering them, made sure to give out their affiliate links for the domain registration, hosting service, and extra plugins -in hopes of making money!

Oh yes, they mentioned that WordPress is free to install, and so is WooCommerce and some other plugins (which drew me to this plan), but they made it seem that you would not have a professional site unless you used all the extras they recommend. And that in videos that are 2 to 3 hours long!

I found a few that were short, to the point, and were not “selling” something. Only I was yawning my head (almost) off… and I had to quit and go to bed, with a plan to continue this search for the RIGHT WAY to do things in an eCommerce site.

I made that promise to Tom, and so I will not give up until I have a productive and fruitful eCommerce website up.

Yes, I’m still the “Responsible One.”

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