“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

The Little Ordinary Things of Easter

Did you have a big dramatic Easter weekend? No?

Mine was filled with the little ordinary things of Easter. But the point is that we are celebrating and remembering the really big climax of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. We can’t match that drama with new experiences, can we? But we can rejoice in, and celebrate the fact that Christ Jesus arose Victor forever over our sins and death and anything else that may trouble us.

On Good Friday morning I picked up my friend, Gaynor, and took her along to church, where our songs were mostly about the cross. Afterward I dropped her off at her Mom’s, and went home for a light lunch and a good nap. Later I worked with some photos I took for my brother Tom, and also did my weekly bookkeeping and worked on my income tax forms.

All the while, of course, I’m listening to beautiful Easter music on BBN radio on the internet. Every day!

Saturday morning I was a housecleaning tornado, and got to my goal just before a friend dropped by for a visit. We did some great catching up! Later I was back to things like naps, and more cleaning, and then in the evening working on the history book some more.

We had no ESL class on Sunday morning, so I started the preparation of the turkey, but put it into the fridge for later. After church I picked up Gaynor again (her family does not celebrate Christian holidays), and brought her home for lunch.

I slid a 3-cheese pizza into the oven, while I finished my turkey prep. (Basically, I stuff it with onions and apples, and spread some herbs on the skin surface). When our pizza was ready, I slid the turkey into the oven. When I’d eaten my share, I peeled potatoes and carrots, and put them into the crockpot with some chopped onion and a chopped clove of garlic.

We sampled the chocolate cheesecake, and declared it worthy.

Gaynor and I both admitted to feeling rather relaxed and lazy, so we agreed that she’d have a snooze in my recliner and I’d go throw myself down on my bed. By 3 o’clock she was checking on me.

The turkey just needed a bit of uncovered time, and whoops… the potatoes and carrots were not done yet either, so I transferred them to a stove top pot to bring to boil faster. By then I could start carving up the turkey and make the gravy. (Very tasty this time!)

In record time I had all the food covered and packed in my usual carrying bag. I gave Tom a call for a quick heads up, and we were out to the car and on our way. The drive is only 5 or 6 minutes.

It doesn’t take me long to set his table for three, and put the food ready, put in serving utensils, and we’re ready to eat. I’d forgotten to put a whipped topping on the cheesecake, but no one minded. So I cut it into thirds, and we each got the equivalent of 2 regular sized pieces.

Tom had a question about how to receive an e-transfer on the computer, so we showed him, and he got paid for some items he had sold on Friday, while I did dishes.

Afterward I took Gaynor home, came home again myself, and cleaned up the rest of the turkey and put the bones into the crock to simmer over night, for the tasty stock (gel) which I can use in many other dishes.

Later I worked with some photos I had promised my cousin Cindy, for the memorial service for her mom, my Aunt Helena.

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