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These Voxx Socks

Carolyn, the lady from whom I order my Miracle Tea in the southern USA, has been all excited since New Year’s about these Voxx socks that she got for her husband, and how much they have helped him. They have even put up a new website just to sell these voxx socks.

I’m always curious so I followed her links to learn more about them. I watched the videos of the man who spent six years researching and developing this idea. His original plan was to help his mother who had MS. She has passed away, but he has succeeded with his goals, and found backers to help him start up a business to sell these voxx socks online. He is based in Canada, but of course, now-a-days, that doesn’t stop you from having a global business. On his own site, the man is collecting video testimonials from people who are finding his socks do help them with the neuralgia pain of diabetes, with problems in balance, and even regaining some abilities while living with MS! Athletics find that wearing these socks helps them to have better stamina and strength for their particular sports.

Well, we all want better health, and all this sounds rather appealing. In my case now, I paid closer attention to the testimonials about neuralgia pain, because I’ve learned that the pain that lingers in our body after a case of shingles is in fact, a neuralgia pain.

These voxx socks have extra fibers woven into the soles in such a way that they do for you, in a measure, what a reflexologist does when massaging the soles of your feet. So they really can do no harm – and perhaps help!

So I decided week before last to order a pair. The prices range from $30 to $50, and after all I had seen and learned, I felt that I could invest $30 in a personal experiment. I ordered them on Thursday night, and last Monday morning they arrived by courier. Just low, white socks, that are intended not to show over a shoe. They have a red spot of extra weaving at the ball of the foot, and two blue stripes that wrap over to the top of the foot. They are of a synthetic fiber, so my feet are usually cold in such socks. As quickly as I put these voxx socks on, I put my 2 pair of WARM socks over them. Then my indoor fleece-lined booties.

I’ve worn them every day now for a week, except Saturday when I had them in my load of laundry – since they are machine washable.

I’d thought I might have a dramatic testimonial to share with you today. They feel good. But just how much credit to give them for my improvements with the shingles I don’t know. There was that prescription I took the first week (week before last) and that might have helped. I think the aloe vera I applied on the ones under my arm, and the aloe vera juice I drank several times a day must have been a healing factor too. But right now I’m still dealing with some of the neuralgia pain below the surface, and it is possible the socks are cutting down on the pain. I guess I should do without them for a few more days to see if the pain increases, when I’m not wearing the socks. (Tho’ I cringe a bit at that prospect).

It is possible to sign up to sell these socks, but there is a cost to get a starting stock supply, so I want to wait until I’ve tried these a bit longer and can say whether they really help. I’m sure they don’t do harm, but just how miraculous they are – that is my question yet.

Another point may be that I sit most of the day. I’m only on my feet for short periods. More time on my feet in the socks might prove them much more effective.

I’ll hold off giving you a link too, because IF I should decide to sell them, I’d like to give you MY affiliate link. Okay?

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