“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”


I’m sorry if my lifestyle sounds boring to you, but I am determined to get this history book for the mission done and I am at a time-crunch time now. I have said that I will be ready tomorrow to start printing copies for the proof-readers and fact-checkers. However, I’m not done with the Appendix yet, and that index of all the people involved is taking longer than I thought. I made a list of nearly 240 people, and I’ve already discovered some that I’d missed.

Because of the work Linda and I did over the last 2 years, I have the Minutes, Annual Reports, and a lot of the articles from the Western Tract NEWS, which became Reflections – all typed up and on my computer. So for each name I take time to do searches through all these documents to find out when each person first became involved with WTM (or ICM more recently) and what roles or positions they had, and when they left. Sometimes I can also find out if they married and got a new name, or if they went to a foreign mission field. For quite a few of them I have a photo, for some I do not. But all this effort means the 7 page list has gradually become 7 pages just for those with names starting from A to E. By the time I’m finished this may be more than 30 pages.

I also spotted an error in numbering the pages, so I’ve fixed the first section, but have 2 or 3 more sections, and as I spot other things to fix, I’m taking time to do that too. I was able to take out one page last night. Now that will affect the numbers on all the other pages!

Okay, I admit I won’t have all of that done by tomorrow morning when I go to the mission office, but if I can get the first 2 or three sections printed, I’ll try to have the rest ready on Friday and finish up then.

I need to design the cover yet, but have a plan in mind. Maybe this short printing of 20 copies will not need covers yet, but I really do want to distribute these copies to those who are to read and mark them up by the end of August.

Then I want them all back, so I can polish up all the sections once more and make corrections or changes as required. I’m allowing September for that job. Also to work on a guest list for the Big Event when we will reveal and sell the book to our supporters and friends and the general public.

Oh yes, I explained all this to say that I’m giving up every little pocket of time I can borrow or steal from other blocks of time to get this done and out as promised for this week! By God’s help I will make it through this time-crunch!

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