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“The RoseBouquet”

Time In Gary’s Laptop

I invested three hours of time in Gary’s laptop this last Saturday, whereas I had meant to finish up my filing around my desks here – work I had not got done the last week of December.

Do you ever feel you got derailed from what you meant to do? My story may never have happened to you, but the principle is the same. We pick up what’s suppose to be a “little job” and it grows.

You see my cousin Gary, the one who has done much of the renovations around here, dropped by the other Saturday when I was on my way to that Dumpling party. He had bought a laptop from a friend some years ago, but a computer nerd Gary is not, so he let his grandsons play with it. Now he couldn’t login any more. It was useless to him.

I set it aside until the next day, Sunday afternoon. I started by wiping it clean with a paper towel dipped lightly into some hydrogen peroxide. It began to have that dark blue sheen of a new laptop. As I lightly wiped over the keys, Voila! it came to life! The screen said something about being ready to restore the system and gave me some options.

I tried the first one, which was to save all the owner’s files. But it didn’t work. So I tried the next one, which would recover the system, but as I understood it, it would reinstall the Windows 8 on the laptop. I don’t normally work with Windows, but I followed the steps, and chose a new username for Gary and a new password. (The previous system had his friend’s name and password on it yet).

When it was done, I logged in to explore, and found that the WiFi was not connected until I rebooted.

In my exploring I discovered that the laptop’s hard drive held more than 400 GB of space, but was only using about 6 GB. “Ah-ha!” I told myself, “I’ll see if there is time during the week to install a linux system yet as well, so Gary has two different operating systems to choose from whenever he logs in.”

But that didn’t happen all week, so, even though I had scheduled this last Saturday for finishing my physical filing system and tidy up my office, I decided to first give this idea a try on Gary’s laptop.

I had researched and found several ways to change the boot order, but they didn’t all work. Eventually I managed to accomplish that, so that I could put a CD for a new operating system into the laptop and reboot and – hopefully, let the installation begin. My favourite operating system is openSUSE, and I wanted to install the latest edition called LEAP. But it simply would not open up to do so.

Then I switched to Ubuntu, which I have installed on other cast off computers and found it worked well. (Tho’ I still like openSUSE best). Well, after a few tries, it did open up, BUT it wanted to wipe the hard drive and install only itself. No-no! My plan was for a Dual-boot, so that Gary could have the luxury of choice. I tried every creative option I could come up with to do it as I intended, but when the afternoon was over half gone, I finally gave up.

I tell you, when I give up it means I’ve exhausted every avenue I can find. Even now though, I have this niggling feeling that if I research it some more, there has to be a way to make it work.

Anyway, common sense told me it was enough time in Gary’s laptop. It was high time to get to my filing – which, I didn’t quite get finished but now I only have mostly Christmas mail to file yet.

Spring is about six weeks away. I want to get the basement sorted and tidied up, but once spring comes I’ll be spending more of my Saturdays out in the garden and yard. One of those Saturdays is already committed to an all day Annual Meeting, so that makes it just five. As other things come up those basement Saturdays will be reduced even more.

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