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“The RoseBouquet”

Tips for Enjoying This Easter Week

Yesterday I followed a link out of curiosity and learned that there is a Biblical way of dieting to lose weight. I listened to a long sales video, and more or less had figured it out – by listening between the lines. But i decided to bite and buy the ebook and some companion files. This is called The Shepherd’s Diet, in case you run across the name some where.

I haven’t read the whole book yet, (nearly 200 pages) but the basic gist is that there are healthy fats and oils and if we ban them from our diet, we have nothing to trigger our fat-burning cells, which, when activated help us digest our food, give us energy and help us in a number of other ways.

The thing to avoid is sugar, and sugar-sweetened foods and drinks of all kinds. Sugar is addictive and causes cravings for more sweets.

Well, that all made sense, but I generally try to avoid all fats, thinking they are all bad. So now, eggs, butter, olive oil, fish with oils in them, chicken, these are all good for us.

I went into my kitchen for supper and wondered how I would change my eating habits now.

I decided to have a salmon steak from the freezer and fry it in butter. I also boiled up some frozen California style vegetables. When I got these all on my plate I sprinkled sea salt over it all. it tasted delicious! And I felt comfortably full afterward.

AAlso, the vague cross-eyed headache I’d had all day disappeared.

I went out to do an errand at the post office, and decided to stop in at No Frills and look for a few things that would qualify as healthy Fats. I came home feeling energetic. I’m not going full-thrust though, as this will make my grocery bill higher.

I buckled down to a good evening’s work on the history book until after midnight.

This morning I weighed myself as usual after my bath. I’d lost 2 pounds since Sunday!

Now I’m feeling quite positive about this idea of eating GOOD fats. That turkey is going to be terrific!

So, my tips and solutions for enjoying this Easter week are;
Do take time to worship God for the gift of Salvation through Christ on the Cross
Rejoice that He rose again, and so may we, if we receive Him.
Allow yourself to enjoy your hearty Easter foods. You may lose weight!

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