“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

Two of My Traits

Two of my traits are making me a lot more work than you might get into. One is my commitment to keep any and every promise I make. The other is my resolve to do everything I tackle as WELL and THOROUGHLY as I can before I call it done.

Really, I didn’t know how long it was going to take me to put all those old mission photos into albums with little comments under or beside them, so that people would know the story they told. I’ve been scanning and working with these photos for the last couple of years, and somehow it didn’t seem that it should take too long. Maybe a week or two of daytime blocks of time, and presto, a set of 4 big white binders full of these pages nicely put into page protectors, so that folks can point on them all they want without spoiling the photos – such as they are, some quite fragile.

Well, I’ve got one binder full and have started on the second one, but sorting the photos into story-telling pages, and typing up the labels until I have a page full, then printing them and cutting them apart and gluing them into the right places… all takes some time. When Linda comes to volunteer help with this project, I’ve been teaching her how to scan more of those old photos in
the Elliott albums. That should speed things up when I get to those.

Besides that, people are reminding me that I’m to do some work on their websites, or prepare this report or that one.

On Sunday night I prepared the photos of the 76th Anniversary Celebration for a photo story report to go online. Hopefully I can finish it this next Sunday evening.

I’ve also been trying to get into the garden to clean up the dead plants and leaves for the winter. It had rained on Saturday, so I was leaving a few days for the soggy leaves to dry up. Last night I decided I could clean up the blue rain barrel for the winter. (Dad always warned me to empty it, and turn it upside down for the winter. If there was water in it and it froze, the barrel could break). Sweeping the inside walls with a broom, to get rid of mud, algae, etc., and washing it, turning it over, etc., is one messy hard job. But it is done!

You know, I’m facing the fact that I really need that outdoor exercise. A number of my clothes no longer fit, or will zip up. I do have my occasional aches and pains, but generally I am pain-free, and just plugging away here at the computer for many hours a day.

I look forward to wrapping up these projects, devising a new schedule and “making time” each day for some physical exercise.Hopefully, I can count on those two of my traits to help me with that new era in my own life too.

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