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Update on My Vision Issues

Here’s an update on my vision issues, for I may have left you hanging a little last week with my piece about “Seeing Things.” Well, I went downtown the next afternoon and waited 2 hours to see the specialist – for all of 5 minutes. He took a look inside my eyeballs and declared that I had no problem there that would cause these ‘visions’.

I have more or less concluded that it has to do with the stiff neck, which means it may involved a pinched nerve, and because it is so close to my eyes, I see these temporary mirages. Last night it was just little blue polka dots that blocked out some letters on the screen.

Anyway, the following day I got this bundle of papers from the Specialist’s office and I now have a date for my first cataract surgery. he told me in January that I was on the waiting list and my turn might some somewhere from July to October. Now there is an opening on June 16th at 10 am. The right eye will be done about 30 days later.

The papers showed that the gov’t pays for the basic distance vision correction, but for $1000 extra (per eye) I could upgrade and have my lens corrected for both long and short range, and also astigmatism. Hmm… ! Tempting, but that would call for some miracles.

But then on Sunday, a friend, Liz, said that she’d heard from people who had the extra upgrade done and were disappointed afterward. They had not noticed enough of a difference. So I’ve decided to be content with the basic lens implant. Then afterwards I’ll just get new glasses (in this frame) to correct short-range and my astigmatism.

I don’t expect it to take long after each cataract surgery, but what I wonder about is how soon before I’ll be able to drive? Maybe I’ll have to humble myself and ask for rides… 🙂

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