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“The RoseBouquet”

Warning to Spammers

I don’t know how just how disgusted you are with the constant flood of spammers. I wish there was some teeth in the laws against spam.

My KMail allows me to create my own filters and I’ve found one method to delete them in a hurry. I created a sub-folder in my Trash folder, and set up a filter to put anything that has [SPAM] in the subject line into that Trash/DUMP/ folder. Then, about once a day I just go into that folder, after a glance down the list for some email that is there by mistake, I click on Ctrl+A, which highlights them all, and I hit Delete.

Bingo! They are all gone in an instant.

I’m also trying to condense the following Warning to Spammers so I can use it as my signature. I hope it doesn’t frighten away my friends and relatives, but if my emails fall into the hands of a spammer, may they realize it is meant FOR THEM.

Feel free to adapt this if you like it:

P.S. Warning to Spammers!
I do not read your emails no matter how enticing your headline,
and I refuse to buy from a spammer, even what I might be looking.
Also, if you put your ad on a robot phone call I will report you!
Your hammering me with unsolicited messages only bring trouble on you!
Repent and give it up!

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