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“The RoseBouquet”

What I See with my NEW Eye!

Okay, talking about what I see with my new eye may be rather melodramatic. I still have the same left eye, but the new lens put in there makes it feel like a new eye. Wow! Whites are dazzling white! Colours are so vivid! Everything about two feet from my face is quite sharply focused and I can make out such details! I’ve always enjoyed colours, so this is a real treat!

I won’t bore you with all the hours of waiting at the clinic in the Prep room, and what the 5 minutes in surgery felt like. I froze, trying to keep as still as they’d said. In fact the air-conditioning in the offices there were brutally chilly. The staff were busy walking from task to task, so they probably needed it, but I was so relieved when offered a flannelette sheet in the Prep room – one that had been warmed in an warming oven – to wrap around myself. How cosy; how kind!

Of course, there was a wait in the discharge room too. And then I had to ask Doris to take me to get my prescription filled because I had instructions to put 2 kinds of drops in my eye four times a day. During the half hour wandering in the store waiting for my drops, I had this vague feeling that the top left corner of my head was open or missing and the insides exposed to the elements. I was in no pain, but I did feel odd. . .

Once home mid-afternoon, and having shown Doris my garden, I curled up in my recliner for a nap.

Uncovering my eye after 6 pm to put in the drops was to cringe from the exceedingly great light that my widely dilated eye let in. But stuffing the plastic shield with a tissue, and putting my glasses over that, I managed to go to the computer in the evening and do my weekly bookkeeping and even work at filling a government form.

On Saturday I kept a tissue under my glasses most of the day, just to cope with the sharp contrast of what my eyes could see. Also, because the NEW eye couldn’t make out details close to my face, for which I needed the more lame, ordinary right eye to get anything done.

When I was ready to go to bed I uncovered my eye for the fourth drops, and lo, – BEHOLD! I could see with it. The sink the bathtub were a dazzling white! Colours were so vivid, and I could details across the next room! The eye almost seemed to give out light as well as take it in! At this point I got really excited about the prospects of being able to see so much better.

Sunday morning I knew I could drive to church, and I went about with both eyes looking through my glasses, though the new eye had to cede priority to the right eye, because the prescription is no longer much help to the left eye. I’m used to being rather cross-eyed when tired, so it wasn’t so bad making it through the church service and some visiting time with my unmatched eyes. While driving, when the sun glinted so extremely from the windows of other cars, I just pinched my left eye shut. Immediately there was peace and focus on the scene.

In the afternoon I prepared and baked a rhubarb Crisp or crumble, and also made 2 posters on the computer, then went to Tom’s with supper. I dozed through most of the evening, but managed to check my emails and answer a few.

Life is back to normal this week, except that I have this secret passion to uncover my left eye and delight in colours and details for a few minutes. At the computer I still need to cover it to focus and be able to read with the right eye.

On Friday I will walk downtown to my eye specialist’s office for a checkup and likely get the date for the next cataract surgery. By then I hope to have bought some magnifying glasses to wear for close up work, as they say I am to wait 7 weeks before I go looking for new prescription glasses. It appears that eyes need some time to settle down to what will be their ‘new normal.’

Rita, my walking friend, told me this morning that she lost the sight in one eye some years ago due to a cataract surgery. So maybe I have even more to be thankful for than I realized.

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