“The RoseBouquet”

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“The RoseBouquet”

What My Doctor Said

I’m just back from my doctor’s office. Thought I’d hold this RoseBouquet up until I could report what my doctor said.

She is my regular physician as of July, but she had not been available week before last, so I had to fill her in on this saga. She was pleased with how the shingles only show slight marks, and can be considered healed. Especially as I assured her that they don’t itch any more.

But I explained about the sub-surface pain and that I’d found this long name online for that pain. She knew immediately that I was speaking of Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN). One in five people who get shingles get this pain afterward. She could not predict if I would have this the rest of my days, or if it would come and go from time to time.

When I go out to shovel snow or get physically active the adrenalin rush seems to overcome that pain, but when I’m sitting still for a while I become aware of it.

I do hesitate to take up too much exercise for fear of cracking another rib or other bones. (Maybe I need to work on a hidden fear there).

She asked if I wanted a prescription. We agreed that it wasn’t necessary, but I guess I need to learn some coping skills.

Unless God should want to heal me. I think I will make a point of asking Him about that very deliberately. No point in suffering unnecessarily, right?

Anyway, from what my doctor said, I feel I’m at liberty to try whatever remedies I feel led to try, in consultation with my Ultimately Great Physician.

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