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When to Learn Cleaning & Cooking

Just some thoughts on housecleaning. An observation came to me yesterday that we tend to clean regularly only if we were taught to do so as children. If you grew up never having to own any regular cleaning chores, you probably never get to it now. If no one else is doing it, your place is a shambles most of the time, right?

You see, when I was growing up, Mom, usually assigned the sweeping and washing of floors to me. It was my regular Saturday job. I also had to take my turn at dishes, and on Mondays when I came home from school, I was to iron the clothes that had dried through the day.

About once or twice a year, Mom would insist that I help her move all the furniture over to one side of the room, then wash the walls and windows on that side before everything was pushed in the other direction to do those walls and windows.

My sister who was five years younger than me, got the assignments to make supper or at least the desserts.

Can you guess who is known for her cooking and who cleans the floors on Saturdays, no matter how tired she feels?

I was thinking about the different people I know and in whose homes I have been. I think I can tell you without fail who was made to do cleaning, and who did the cooking, and making of chocolate pies, when they were kids. Also those, who never did a stitch of work!

If I were a Mom with kids in the house, I think I would make it my business to teach some good habits of both cleanliness and cooking. Even if they whined and complained – I would persist. For their own future good!

P.S. This holds true for gardening as well.

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