"The RoseBouquet"

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"The RoseBouquet"

Winter is HERE!

There were hints last week that snow was in our forecasts, so I was pushing
myself hard to get the garden and yard ready for winter. By Friday I knew I
would not be able to accomplish it all by myself, especially as our first snow
was coming on Sunday. (Said the forecasters).

So I called up Wayne in the morning when I knew he was having breakfast with Eugene. I asked if they were busy and would they be available to help on Saturday with raking leaves, cleaning eavestroughs, a bit of repair on my tent garage entrance (slit), where my glue had not held the vinyl strips I’d used as seam binding. Also a door I had used for a table in my garage sale needed to be brought into my basement, and I simply could NOT manage that.

I promised them a lunch of creamed turkey crepes and they were quite willing to agree to help for that reward. I made the crepes, (thin German pancakes) ahead on Friday, and completed them on Saturday morning before these friends arrived. I’d also made a large salmon loaf or squares.

I’d been raking together heaps of leaves in the garden throughout the week, but when they arrived Saturday morning at 11 I was raking leaves out of the front flowerbeds. Eugene set to work immediately, helping me with that.

Wayne asked for a ladder, and a bucket and something sturdy with which to pry the debris out of the eavestroughs.

Eugene even dug a small trench beside the city sidewalk when I explained that in spring there was always a daytime puddle there, and ice when it froze at night, right in front of my house. That’s when I would wish I had dug up the grass and dirt that had grown over onto the sidewalk to allow the water to run off.

I wouldn’t have guessed it from the way Eugene worked, but Wayne reminded me later that Eugene is 80 years old!

I went ahead to start bagging the leaves in the garden, but when it was going on one pm I was reminded that Eugene had to be home for his daughter who is not well. She would be awake at 2. So I quickly went inside and got the lunch all ready, and I was pleased that they enjoyed seconds and thirds, of both the crepes and the salmon squares. (I had not got to any dessert).

The snow did not come on Sunday, but showed up last evening. Not an awful lot; less than half an inch, but the sun has come out and so I hope it will all melt away soon. Hearing that the snow was coming yesterday, I had bagged three huge bags full right after breakfast, and another three just before my supper. However, there were still enough leaves left to fill another three bags.

So, I’m resigned to having to wait another day or two to finish bagging the
leaves. Hopefully they will not be too soggy by then. I stash them around some plants that need a bit of protection through the winter, like the hollyhocks.

There are still some rows of swiss chard in the garden. I left them alone since they were so green and luscious yet, but now they will be limp. Oh well, I’ll dispose of them in spring.

Oh, I did remember to bring in the garden house and take it to the basement, (exhausting deed!) to drain.

Gary has not come to cut down the elm, or take on the foundation wrap, but I’ve committed those projects to the Lord, and if it please Him, we may still have what we call “Indian Summer” – a short, warm autumn season that comes after our first snow and deep frost. If now, I’ll have to be content with what I have.

Oh yes, I get to enjoy the mass of pink petunias, on this hanging pot that was
by the front door, on a hook beside the window. I brought it in on Saturday

Although I’ve picked off some dead flowers, it has not given up blooming yet! It is teaching me NOT to give up! Keep blooming!

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