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“The RoseBouquet”

Working Out my Cherry Juice Recipe

Anyway, I wanted to show you these cherries, but discovered that I hadn’t taken very many while picking and working with them. So I paused to go measure out the concentrate and try mixing a pitcher full of juice. I took photos of my experiment to show how I worked out the right amounts to freeze, and how to store them in the freezer.

a dixie cup of concentrated cherry pulp/juice

added water in pitcher with concentrate

First I tried with a dixie cup of concentrate and put it into a small white pitcher, which holds about 1 quart, or 1 litre. I added water and stirred it well.

taste-testing these proportions

try again with yogurt cup amount of concentrate

Now I was ready for the first taste test.

Hmm… A little watery.

So I added a second dixie cup full of concentrate. There! That was better.



could get 4 yogurt cups in pail for bottom layer

top layer of 4 cups with paper plate divider

But in that case, a yogurt cup would be about the right amount.

I tried that and was satisfied. A little tart, but I added a sprinkle or shake of stevia from a small powder packet. Good!

So then, how to store them all in the freezer. I tested with putting the yogurt cups of concentration in an ice cream pail. (I have plenty saved up from years ago). I got four in for a bottom layer. Then I cut the rim off a paper plate for a floor on which to place the top layer. Otherwise they might tumble and spill over the first layer. That worked fine.

So now I have 8 cups of concentrated Cherry juice, which will make 8 pitchers full over the winter months. What’s more, I filled 2 pails like that, so my present total is 16 cups of concentrate.

There is still that Tupperware pie keeper full of washed and frozen cherries, which I can cook up another day, or use for desserts – like that Torte that goes over so well at potluck events.

I hope this helps if you ever want to work out a similar juice recipe.

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