"The RoseBouquet"

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"The RoseBouquet"
Birthday Adventures

My long-time Prayer Sister has her birthday just days before mine, so we have long tried to meet together in the days between or on one or the other birthday to celebrate together. She has long worked in a private care home for handicapped children (tho’ some are in their 20s and still lie in cribs like helpless babies.). For this reason she has only 15 people that she is allowed to see under strict precautions so that she doesn’t bring the virus into their “home”. I felt honoured then, that she made a point of coming by with her gifts

August 4, 2020, At My Place...
Gary Finished my New Closet Yesterday!

I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat for I’ve been praying for this! Back around Easter, cousin Gary came around to see if I had any renovation projects in mind, as he was unemployed for the winter. As a matter of fact, I do have a list of reno projects for this summer, but one was an indoor one, so he could do it right away if he had the time. Because I’ve lost 7.5 inches in height since I was a teenager just out of high school, and most of that disappeared just in the last 2-6 years, I was now having problems reaching my clothes in the closet on

Read Some Free Chapters of My Novel

I have not done this in some time, and you may have become blind to the notices – as below this – so you have even forgotten that I’ve ever written a novel. I published “Ruthe’s Secret Roses” in 2001 and built a website around it of over 1000 pages. There are sample chapters in several places that you can read for no charge. (Perhaps I am the fool, for giving away

Big Broken Tree Branch!

On Friday afternoon I was working away at this computer, and suddenly heard what sounded like a gunshot on the street. I paused, but decided that no, I would not go out to investigate. (Sometimes bystanders can get involved in a shoot-out). I promptly forgot about it as I focused on my work. But after supper I wanted to make a quick trip for groceries. I had made arrangements to take some friends to pick Saskatoons at a U-Pick farm and so I didn’t think I’ve have the stamina left for a grocery shopping trip after that on Saturday. When I stepped out of my back door to go to my car – WHOA! A big long tree branch had fallen down on the garden! Immediately it occurred to me that the sudden crack I’d heard in the afternoon might have been the branch breaking.

July 28, 2020, At My Place...
Picking Saskatoons

When Wayne & Eugene had cleaned up the weeds in my back alley last week, I had mentioned to Wayne that I was hoping to go pick Saskatoons this (past) Saturday. Wayne asked if he could come along. (He said he got lost easily if people just gave him directions). I said, “Sure.” I was talking with my neighbour/friend, Rita on her birthday and when I mentioned going to pick Saskatoons she got all excited, so I offered her a chance to come along too. I hadn’t got a gift ready for her yet, but Rita insisted that this kind of opportunity would be a perfect gift for her. They both arrived here at 10 am on Saturday morning, so off we went.

July 28, 2020, What's New!
Ernie & Dorie’s Wedding Online

When I came in I had to return calls to my sister in Ontario, and also Ernie in Winnipeg, who said he was memorizing his vows. I asked about making copies of the wedding video, and he assured me his videographer friend would do that and he’d have copies to give out on USB sticks later. (I was concerned about the sister in Ontario as she’d been having troubles already the day before with her laptop NOT booting up. She still was having troubles and getting upset). I decided I had time to make a big batch of muffins before the wedding started, and I was just taking the third/last pan of them out of the oven when the wedding started, so I settled down to watch.

July 21, 2020, At My Place...
My New Wonderful Executive Chair

Last evening my new wonderful Executive chair came and a friend helped me to assemble it. Oh…it is so comfortable! For weeks already I’ve been meaning to get a better office chair as I spend so many hours in it. The cheap one I’d bought a few years ago was getting more uncomfortable by the day! (Remember, I’ve lost 7.5 inches in height?) Well, the hard armrests were rubbing on my elbows as I typed

July 21, 2020, What's New!
Hear Christian Classics Daily Online

I enjoy a daily treat – really all day long – and though I’ve mentioned it before, it occurred to me this morning that I should mention it again, in case you are one of those who missed it, and you are missing out on a great treat. I’m referring to listening to excellent Christian music, speakers and dramas on BBNradio.org. They broadcast on local stations in the southern USA, but also on the internet globally in 8 different languages. Take your pick!

July 21, 2020, Tips & Solutions
God’s Powerful Gift of Purslane

HOWEVER! My garden is absolutely full of this plant this summer! It fills all the gaps between the vegetables and flowers, and if any of the seeds I sowed have been slow in coming up, the purslane has already crowed in and claimed that space. [They say that if weeds like to grow in your garden it means you have great soil; that’s positive thought!].

July 14, 2020, At My Place...
Watching a Wedding and a Funeral Online!

This next Saturday is the day my brother Ernie and his fiancee, Dorothee will get married in Winnipeg, and I’ll be able to watch from home here. I don’t expect to even have to dress up for this. But I’m looking forward to watching this. Next summer we are to have a big gathering and merging of the family clans. So I’ll set aside travel money and try to keep my dates clear for that time, though no exact

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