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"The RoseBouquet"
Company for Lunch Yesterday

Yes, I’ve met my new sister-in-law to be, and we hit it off immediately! As I mentioned last week, my brother Ernie and his fiancee, Dorothee Reimer, headed west from Winnipeg last Tuesday, and went to visit some of her relatives in Coaldale, AB., first. Then they went to some park or resort (I should have asked for more details),

July 7, 2020, At My Place...
Bargain Flowers and Sharing My Daisies

I had been busy cleaning the back patio/deck area on Saturday in preparation for my guests – (in case we decided to go sit out there a while, but soups are hard to serve on your laps so I’d dropped that plan). Anyway, that work, and some indoor housecleaning had tuckered me out, so I’d promised myself, that if I were up to it on Monday, I would go get some flowers from that temporary greenhouse beside the Esso station on the corner. Their prices are coming down now that most people have their gardens and flowerbeds done. After Ernie and Dorothee left .

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July 7, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Rainy Day Garden Tour

I didn’t want to overwhelm you with garden photos just about every week, but when I saw this morning how much bigger the plants were than yesterday, I decided that I couldn’t resist today. (Some of that greenery is weeds, but I’ve been trying to finish weeding the front flowerbeds first, and then – in another day or two I’ll work on the patio area and to weed the garden. Weeds have amazing growth energy!)

June 30, 2020, At My Place...
Ernie and Doree Coming By Next Monday

Yes, I know that tomorrow is Canada Day here, but I have no holiday plans. Our American Cousins have their Independence Day on the 4th of July – I wish you a great holiday even with some of the COVID restrictions still in place. My brother Ernie from Winnipeg, became engaged in March to his piano teacher, and they are planning to be married in a studio on video on July 18th. However, they were setting out on a road trip this morning to visit various .

June 30, 2020, What's New!
Stuck for How-to Solutions – Ask YouTube

I didn’t include photos of the weeks in the ally in front of my gate – that’s another story! I don’t go out that often so the weeds have been having a gay ol’ time growing in the sunshine and rains. (I think many of them are over 3 feet high!) Well, Saturday was a rainy day, but in the evening the sun came out and I decided to hook up my weed eater to my longest orange cord, and go mow down those weeds. Not so fast, my girl! It took quite a while to bring one .

June 30, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Check Out Some of Tom’s Toys

I’ve been working on Monday evenings on the site that is to sell my brother Tom’s diecast models. I’m a bit confused about how to count the items. Last week I thought I had uploaded and described 90 of them, today it is only 44, but I think that is counting multiples of a model as one. So far I have not worried or made efforts to promote the site, as I wanted to have a good starting collection of models.

June 23, 2020, At My Place...

We are to have a really hot day today. I hinted to Cousin Gary a couple of weeks ago that I have several things that need doing around here. One of them is to finish my clothes closet behind the bedroom door, and another one is to bring up the window box air-conditioner from the basement and put it into the window.

June 23, 2020, What's New! Air-Conditioning
Password Problems

My sister in Ontario has had me on the phone nearly an hour now with problems logging in to her blog. We have struggled together over the phone (until my ear is numb) with ways to get help. After quite a while we discovered that we were not working on the same site! (Crazy, isn’t it how little misunderstandings can blow a problem all out of proportion, eh?)

Still Focused on the Garden

In the last couple of days I’ve had some friends inquire about my garden. So today I will give you my progress reports with photos. The Vegetable Garden: On Sunday as I walked through the garden I counted the rows that have popped up with small green plants. There were 13 on the west side of the path and 12 on the east side.

June 16, 2020, At My Place...

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