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"The RoseBouquet"

A Short Garden Update

By last Friday I could see my radish rows pop up, less than an itch tall, but such a welcome sight.

Saturday was overcast and raining steadily most of the day. So… I decided to shopping for raspberry canes, and a soil tester. They were all out of the black raspberries. The man said he’d tried to order them from many sources, and no body has black raspberries any more. However, he still had red raspberries and also a yellow one called golden harvest. These were more expensive than I’d expected, so I just bought 3 of the red, and one of the golden harvest. I’ll add more as I can.

Sunday was overcast with some misty rain, so I stayed in, but when I took a look through the back porch windows I saw two more rows had popped up in the garden. I’ve just checked my garden map and I believe those are the iceberg lettuce rows.

Yesterday was sunny with cloudy periods, but no rain, so after supper and dishes, I went out to plant the raspberry plants between my tent garage and the neighbour’s. (I’d promised him last summer that I’d share with them, and he was very pleased at that news!) Of course, raspberries don’t usually have berries until the 2nd year.

Friday afternoon, my friend Patience came and helped me sow petunias in the big pots on the back steps. (I used seeds saved from last year’s petunias). We also sowed zinnias and hollyhocks along the west fence. Then at the front we sowed columbines and California poppies along the east fence, and in the floral circle near the sidewalk, the taller gold marigolds in the middle, and the smaller French marigolds around the rim.

I think there was another flower type, but now I can’t recall what it was. A chance to watch for surprises, eh?

I still have two or three patches in the front to fill with more flower seeds, and also under the big trees behind the house. But I need to weed there first.

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