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"The RoseBouquet"

Big Broken Tree Branch!

On Friday afternoon I was working away at this computer, and suddenly heard what sounded like a gunshot on the street. I paused, but decided that no, I would not go out to investigate. (Sometimes bystanders can get involved in a shoot-out). I promptly forgot about it as I focused on my work.

But after supper I wanted to make a quick trip for groceries. I had made arrangements to take some friends to pick Saskatoons at a U-Pick farm and so I didn’t think I’ve have the stamina left for a grocery shopping trip after that on Saturday.

When I stepped out of my back door to go to my car – WHOA! A big long tree branch had fallen down on the garden! Immediately it occurred to me that the sudden crack I’d heard in the afternoon might have been the branch breaking.

big tree branch broke and fell on garden!

I was too stunned to know what to thinkā€¦ so I picked my way around the branch and made my way to the tent garage and my car. I went for groceries just as I’d planned. The branch sort of vanished from my mind.

When I returned though, it came back vividly. Now I noticed that the broken end was hanging on my telephone lines. (What a wonder that my phone and internet had been uninterrupted all afternoon).

After I’d carried my groceries in I came out with my camera and took some photos. I could see that I was not up to the job of removing it. I would have to phone Cousin Gary, and see if he had time to deal with this.

the broken branch from the end of the garden

I called Gary, and he was in the city, but still working and wouldn’t be able to come until after 8:30. It was dusk about the time he arrived but he had a good look at it and decided that he would be able to clean it all up, but the most important first step was to get it off those wires. He asked for garden tools which he could use to push it over and off the wires. I handed him some, but he couldn’t reach.

So I brought out my largest folding step ladder with 2 good steps. Not good enough. He found a longer one beside my house, and with that was able to lean it against the tree trunk and then use my rake to lift and shove the broken branch end up and over the wires.

Then Gary told me which smaller branch to grab hold of while he took the heavy end, and we pulled it off the garden plants, and closer to the tree trunk where it would damage less plants. He didn’t know if he would have time to come cut it up and remove it until Saturday evening, or maybe even Sunday.

(Turns out he has a new job that pays very well, but demands very long hours every day but Sunday).

I’ll return to this story after I’ve told you about picking the Saskatoons.

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