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Company for Lunch Yesterday

Yes, I’ve met my new sister-in-law to be, and we hit it off immediately! As I mentioned last week, my brother Ernie and his fiancee, Dorothee Reimer, headed west from Winnipeg last Tuesday, and went to visit some of her relatives in Coaldale, AB., first. Then they went to some park or resort (I should have asked for more details),

July 7, 2020, At My Place...
Rainy Day Garden Tour

I didn’t want to overwhelm you with garden photos just about every week, but when I saw this morning how much bigger the plants were than yesterday, I decided that I couldn’t resist today. (Some of that greenery is weeds, but I’ve been trying to finish weeding the front flowerbeds first, and then – in another day or two I’ll work on the patio area and to weed the garden. Weeds have amazing growth energy!)

June 30, 2020, At My Place...
Check Out Some of Tom’s Toys

I’ve been working on Monday evenings on the site that is to sell my brother Tom’s diecast models. I’m a bit confused about how to count the items. Last week I thought I had uploaded and described 90 of them, today it is only 44, but I think that is counting multiples of a model as one. So far I have not worried or made efforts to promote the site, as I wanted to have a good starting collection of models.

June 23, 2020, At My Place...
Still Focused on the Garden

In the last couple of days I’ve had some friends inquire about my garden. So today I will give you my progress reports with photos. The Vegetable Garden: On Sunday as I walked through the garden I counted the rows that have popped up with small green plants. There were 13 on the west side of the path and 12 on the east side.

June 16, 2020, At My Place...
Making Websites Private and Safer

Last week was exceptionally busy. Mainly with a business matter that I had to see through over several days. (Though I did have a visit of a friend on Friday afternoon to help me with sowing more flowers here and there). You see, in recent months I’ve had problems with emails bouncing back and saying that it is because the “source is of poor reputation.” Huh?? Then I got word from one of my clients (a ministry) they were getting such bounces too. Well, I’d heard of a Virtual Private Network

June 9, 2020, At My Place...
My Garden Saga Continued

My Garden Saga continues. You will recall that I got a rib fracture the Saturday before last week’s RoseBouquet. This was not as painful as the vertebrae fractures last year, so I just bit down on my will-power and carried on – starting the seeding of my garden the next day. The tilling was done about 6 pm on Monday. Tuesday evening I took about an hour and a half to rake and seed my first six twin-rows. I was able to manage with my rib only paining me when I carried the watering can or used it to water the rows I had just scratched with my hoe. Then again as I watered the rows after I had closed the rows. Perhaps I should pause to describe my

June 2, 2020, At My Place...
My Garden is Tilled!

Yes, my garden is tilled, as of yesterday late afternoon. But last week was full of delays. It took me over an hour to pull the weeds on the west side of the garden last Tuesday evening.
I was going out right after breakfast the next morning to get at the west side weeds, when it started to rain. I backed off. It rained all day – a slow soaker kind of rain, and then during the night there was a strong electrical thunderstorm with vivid flashes in the skies. Thursday morning the sun was out again, but then I gave up.

May 26, 2020, At My Place...
Prepping My Flowerbeds & Garden

I’ve got gardening on my mind – a lot – these days. Normally, I try to seed my garden on the May Victoria Day weekend, but last year I was moaning with back pain, and didn’t feel up to any seeding until the last Saturday of June. With our short summers here at this latitude my garden was just beginning to ripen and bear produce when the frosts came in September. However, I was too busy last week to prepare the garden for the man with the tiller. So I’m aiming for this next Saturday. A chance of showers are forecast for the next 3 days, but Saturday is suppose to be sunny. This last Saturday I tackled the raking of the front yard first

May 19, 2020, At My Place...
A Prolife Series of Videos

Here’s another opportunity I just learned about in the last couple of days, hosted by Tour Magination – again for free – of Mennonite archives and museums across Canada and the USA. This is only a sampling, as I’m sure there are more. Conrad Stoesz, a well-known man in Winnipeg, who works with Mennonite archives and museums, is hosting the first one tonight!

May 12, 2020, At My Place...
Three Humpbacked Ol’ Ladies

All right! I’ve finally got photos of us three humpbacked ol’ ladies. Two of them being my grandmothers, and the other is yours truly. There is only one moral to this story; that shrinking and losing height may be hereditary, but it is probably not the worst thing that could happen. I’m getting over that “Gasp! Not me!” stage, and recall that both of these grandmothers lived to be in their 90s, and they did not die of “humped backs”.

May 5, 2020, At My Place...

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