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Keeping Login Details Safe

If you only have one email, no websites, and no accounts online, you can
probably memorize that one login’s details. But if you should start to get more
I would highly recommend getting a book or binder to record each and every login, and to write in the changes if you create a new password, etc.

October 20, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Let’s Stop Bill C-6 See Wilna’s Story

Campaign Life has been posting some video testimonies of people who benefited from good counselling, when they were dealing with these issues. The most recent is from Wilna van Beek, where she talks about how she overcame her unwanted same-sex attractions, rejecting the homosexual lifestyle and choosing a life in the Lord.

October 6, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Do You Need Seeds for Next Year?

A friend on Facebook mentioned she had white Hollyhocks this year in her garden. I wrote her that I had seeds for Black Satin hollyhocks; would she like to exchange some seeds. She agreed. Yesterday she arrived with some envelopes of seeds for me. I have been working on sorting and putting my seeds away in small envelopes and in empty supplement jars, but I’m not finished yet.

September 29, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Join CashBackWorld for Free For One Good Reason

When you go shopping, do you get CASH BACK from every purchase by the next Tuesday? Do you always get what you are looking for? 🙂 What about getting money back from every purchase? Yes, it is possible! If you shop through the Loyalty Program called CashBackWorld. (Which used to be called Lyoness.)

September 22, 2020, Tips & Solutions
Blessed Lavender Benefits

I’ve been discovering lavender and it’s blessed benefits this summer. A neighbour/friend asked me to help her plant a lavender she’d been given for Mother’s Day, and another friend gave me a potted lavender plant for my birthday. I’d heard and read of this plant occasionally, but was under the impression it came from an exotic part of the world – out of my reach. I’m now planning to grow much more lavender, but here will stick to sharing what I’ve learned about it’s benefits.

September 15, 2020, Tips & Solutions
I Found a New Friend You Might Like Too!

I still find or snitch minutes here and there to explore online for curosity’s sake. Lately I’ve been looking up more yogurt and cheese-making videos. I came across one by a woman with the unusual name (at least new to me) of Wardee. She runs a Traditional Cooking School from her website, but also demonstrates many recipes on YouTube. It turns out that she’s a

September 8, 2020, Tips & Solutions
How to Make a Light-Box for Product Photos

My leather office chair came in a giant cardboard box. I had taken it down intending to make a bigger light box for when I take photos of Tom’s diecast models to put on the website. Last night I got to it. I cut away the one side panel. I tried stapling the upper flaps on the other three sides to make them stronger, but the staples didn’t hold, so I cut them away too. Some time earlier I had set aside some sheets of white foam board and 2 sheets of white bristol board.

September 1, 2020, Tips & Solutions
How YouTube is Far Better than TV

I don’t mean to upset you if you are so used to TV and have your favourite shows, but I haven’t had a TV for several decades. In fact, that is one of my secrets for getting so many other projects done. However, I’ve come to see YouTube as a good friend. It’s like a visual library or encyclopedia at my fingertips. When I want to learn something I just go look for it at the top of the YouTube page, and in seconds I have a long list of videos on that topic to choose from. Sometimes when my attention is drifting – close to quitting and bedtime.

August 25, 2020, Tips & Solutions

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