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Bargain Flowers and Sharing My Daisies

I had been busy cleaning the back patio/deck area on Saturday in preparation for my guests – (in case we decided to go sit out there a while, but soups are hard to serve on your laps so I’d dropped that plan). Anyway, that work, and some indoor housecleaning had tuckered me out, so I’d promised myself, that if I were up to it on Monday, I would go get some flowers from that temporary greenhouse beside the Esso station on the corner. Their prices are coming down now that most people have their gardens and flowerbeds done. After Ernie and Dorothee left .

Ernie and Doree Coming By Next Monday

Yes, I know that tomorrow is Canada Day here, but I have no holiday plans. Our American Cousins have their Independence Day on the 4th of July – I wish you a great holiday even with some of the COVID restrictions still in place. My brother Ernie from Winnipeg, became engaged in March to his piano teacher, and they are planning to be married in a studio on video on July 18th. However, they were setting out on a road trip this morning to visit various .

June 30, 2020, What's New!

We are to have a really hot day today. I hinted to Cousin Gary a couple of weeks ago that I have several things that need doing around here. One of them is to finish my clothes closet behind the bedroom door, and another one is to bring up the window box air-conditioner from the basement and put it into the window.

June 23, 2020, What's New! Air-Conditioning
Eating My Jumbo Aloe Vera Plant

I told you some time ago, and showed a photo, of the jumbo aloe vera plant in the window right by my desk. It was tipping the pot over so I decided to cut a big leaf almost daily and scrape out the inner gel for smoothees. I still have about 4-5 leaves to cut and use up. I have been staring at the plant and pondering whether there will be gel I can rescue from the stem to which all those leaves were attached. There is scar tissue where I cut some of the leaves off, but I don’t know if that goes deep into the stem.

June 16, 2020, What's New!
A Short Garden Update

By last Friday I could see my radish rows pop up, less than an itch tall, but such a welcome sight. Saturday was overcast and raining steadily most of the day. So… I decided to shopping for raspberry canes, and a soil tester. They were all out of the black raspberries. The man said he’d tried to order them from many sources, and no body has black raspberries any more.
However, he still had red raspberries and also a yellow one called golden harvest. These were more expensive

June 9, 2020, What's New!
Stacey’s Way of Using Social Media

I have to admit that I haven’t had much patience for social media marketing, but last Wednesday evening Stacey Hall, who has advanced in a number of businesses she’s involved in just in the last couple of years, was sharing her plans for a “Go for Yes” Challenge on Facebook. She is doing a Daily LIVE video for these 5 days in which she shares her tips. From what I heard her say last Wed. night I thought I might .

June 2, 2020, What's New!
What Do You Know About Testing Soils?

Rita and I have been discussing soil testing kits. I did some research online on Sunday and got more informed about this. I’ve used the cheap simple one with 4 little glass vials, 4 capsules in 4 different colours. One simply put a soil sample in the vial, adds the powder in the capsule and distilled water up to a certain line. Shake and set aside for a few minutes.
Then you hold it up against the colour chart on the backing card and tells you how high or low your PH balance is, your nitrogen, your phosphorous, and your potash. But I’ve learned that this simple test kit is not very accurate.

May 26, 2020, What's New!
What About My Garage Sale?

Yesterday a friend told me that no one was going to be able to have a garage sale in Saskatoon this summer. Huh?!! I knew they were not allowed yet, but I’m assuming (optimistically) that they will be later on. I decided to check online and I found out that the city has warned people NOT to have a garage sale until they give us further word. Ah-ha! So there is still hope!

May 19, 2020, What's New!
The Anabaptist Story Lives on: Virtual Museum & Archive Tours

Here’s another opportunity I just learned about in the last couple of days, hosted by Tour Magination – again for free – of Mennonite archives and museums across Canada and the USA. This is only a sampling, as I’m sure there are more. Conrad Stoesz, a well-known man in Winnipeg, who works with Mennonite archives and museums, is hosting the first one tonight!

May 12, 2020, What's New!
Gifts for Subscribing

Last week I took time to set up new subscribe pages for my two main ezines, this one, the RoseBouquet and the business one, eAction. I’ll need to advertise and spread the word more, but of course, I want to tip off you – my most favourite readers first. The free gift for the RoseBouquet subscription is an updated edition of my e-book, “My Passion for Jesus and for Others” – this is basically my life story so far. It is not a long read, but if you would like to get to know me better, this would be a great start.

May 5, 2020, What's New!

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