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Check Out Some of Tom’s Toys

I’ll give you a break from garden news, and mention something else for a change. (Garden news will be back! Things are coming up nicely.)

I’ve been working on Monday evenings on the site that is to sell my brother Tom’s diecast models. I’m a bit confused about how to count the items. Last week I thought I had uploaded and described 90 of them, today it is only 44, but I think that is counting multiples of a model as one.

So far I have not worried or made efforts to promote the site, as I wanted to have a good starting collection of models to be seen when the visitors started to show up. However, so far no one has tried out the shopping cart and I’m beginning to wonder if it really works. 🙂 So maybe I need to spread the word and give you an opportunity to go check it out and see what you think.

I know some have asked if they can buy any of Tom’s Toys. Technically they are collector’s items if they are still in their original box or packaging. He caught on to that early on in his efforts to collect these models of farm machinery, cars, trucks, semi-tankers, etc. However, I have categorized those that are loose – that is not in their original packaging – as Toys. I’ve assigned lower prices, after researching what others are charging online for each model.

There are still many models to come. I made an inventory of those that I packed and those came to 1,435 or so, but if we include the ones that my brother Ernie packed the last 2 days last year, bringing the boxes of packed models to 80 cartons full, then I suspect the final total will be around 2000 diecast models!

I’m hoping to set up a mailing list of those who are interested to know of updates when there are new batches of models added to the site. But I need to find a block of time in which to set that up.

For now, just for you, I’ll give you the website link so you can go explore on your own. https://diecastmodels-inheritance.com

Oh. And if you should try out the shopping cart and it doesn’t work, please do email me and let me know so I can look into it and fix it! Please!

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