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Company for Lunch Yesterday

Yes, I’ve met my new sister-in-law to be, and we hit it off immediately!

As I mentioned last week, my brother Ernie and his fiancee, Dorothee Reimer, headed west from Winnipeg last Tuesday, and went to visit some
of her relatives in Coaldale, AB., first.

Then they went to some park or resort (I should have asked for more details), but I think it was called Vail …something or other. I see on Google that there is a Vail Resort at Whistler, BC., so perhaps that was where Ernie and Dorothee met with Trevor and his young family, and they said my sister Elsie and her daughter Jalise showed up too. (That would be a drive a little more than 2 hours for them to join them there.)

I know they had intended to meet with Ernie’s daughter Beth, and her family, near Jasper … or was it Hinton?

But I had lunch ready and waiting when they arrived here at 1 pm, and we got talking about so many things that I realize now I didn’t ask all the right questions about the week they’d just had. They did say that they’d had wonderful visits at every stop.

I had prepared a crockpot of summa borscht, spinach and radishes from my garden for a salad, and a cheesecake made from rhubarb in my garden for the dessert. The table was set, so it was just a matter of bringing the food on, and we could sit down to eat.

Our lively conversations zipped around to so many topics that it is hard to recall them all now. I can name a few that come to mind.

Ernie spied two matching light green hardcover cookbooks on my shelves. I had sort of inherited (or claimed) Mom’s copy, but I knew that she had given each of the children who married one for a wedding gift. Ernie couldn’t remember having ever seen it. Well, the second on I had on the shelf was Tom’s, so I said he could have that one.

We talked about our genealogy, so I brought down my long pieced-together scroll of my ancestors (in a condensed chart) for it goes back 14 generations, to show them. I could put together one for Ernie, but that would take about an hour, and since he could just insert his name for mine and it would be all correct for him, I let him have that copy. I can always make another on a slack Sunday evening.

I knew that Ernie had been very interested in a Tesco binocular in a sturdy leather case that had been Tom’s. I had tried to sell but got no buyer, so I had already decided that would make a good wedding gift for them. Especially, since they plan to travel a lot and both enjoy nature a great deal. I told them that it would save me mailing costs if they would take it with them, and they were pleased to accept it. (I had not had time to make a wedding card, but I can get to that over the next 2 weeks).

They will have their wedding by live video on the 18th in Ernie’s friend’s studio. Then next summer all the kith and kin will be invited to a big event at which they will introduce and hope to merge their families.

I’d had a problem with the lock on my shed, and Gary had not had time to come fix it, so Ernie followed me through the garden and had it in order in a few minutes.

Oh, and Dorothee gave me a couple of dozen bran muffins that she had baked. We transferred them to a container of mine, and this morning I had the first one, and my-O-My! So delicious and moist and full of excellent flavour! I think I’ll have to beg for her recipe.

They said that it had been hard to tear themselves away from each meeting, so they were behind schedule, but still hoped to make it to Winnipeg for night-fall. They left here after a very lively hour and a half.

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