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"The RoseBouquet"

Ernie & Dorie’s Wedding Online

I’d been making arrangements to go pick Saskatoon berries on Saturday morning; with full intentions to be back home by 1 pm so I could attend my brother Ernie’s and Dorie’s wedding online – via Zoom. At first there were warnings on the weathernetwork of thunderstorms coming in the afternoon, but throughout my prayer time the skies were sunny and bright. But then, just as I was about to go to the kitchen for breakfast, the sky turned gray and angry, with strong winds. I checked the weathernetwork site again, and now the storm was promised for late morning. (By the way, we did have 5-6 minutes of hail in late afternoon).

I certainly didn’t want to have to scramble out of the U-pick farm’s Saskatoon bushes before I was done, so I called up Mary and said I was not coming after all. Maybe next Saturday. (Mary said they’d be more ripe by then).

Instead, I went out to get some weeding done in my garden, as I knew it was not likely to happen in the afternoon. I got done right to the end of the west side and even pulled weeds out from under the large pumpkin plants’ leaves.

When I came in I had to return calls to my sister in Ontario, and also Ernie in Winnipeg, who said he was memorizing his vows. I asked about making copies of the wedding video, and he assured me his videographer friend would do that and he’d have copies to give out on USB sticks later. (I was concerned about the sister in Ontario as she’d been having troubles already the day before with her laptop NOT booting up. She still was having troubles and getting upset).

I decided I had time to make a big batch of muffins before the wedding started, and I was just taking the third/last pan of them out of the oven when the wedding started, so I settled down to watch.

The studio had a lovely arch with flowers entwined, and white 3-D bells hanging above. In the background were panels that hinted of stained glass, but they were made with plain mauve and white glass and silver borders. The lighting was soft and gentle.

I spied a woman seated to the left, and a man to the right, both almost out of sight. The pastor, an older German man walked up and around the arch to face us. Dori and Ernie walked up arm in arm to face him. Dori was wearing a dress with a black bodice, and a long sheer skirt with soft mauve and white flowers floating in loose folds. She wore an off-white boloro sweater over her shoulders with sleeves not quite up to her elbows. She carried a small bouquet of white and mauve flowers with a few darker purple ones for accents.

Ernie was more handsome than ever, with a white boutonniere flower, including a smaller, pansy-like purple one.

The pastor (probably retired and a friend of Dori’s), read passages they had provided from Ecclesiastes 4:12 and Phil. 2 and then gave a devotional message on the three-strand cord that is not easily broken. He spoke in a friendly manner, reminding them of things they already knew, but which need to be resolved afresh at the start of a marriage.

There was a lovely song played/sung with the text provided on the screen.

(Reviewing the whole thing afterwards on the phone with Aunt Jean and her friend Ruth – we all agreed that was a wonderful song and the words were especially perfect for a wedding/marriage! But none of us had heard it before. I pointed out that since Dori is a music teacher, it is possible she wrote it, or knew someone who was capable of doing so.)

This was followed by their vows, which they had written, and exchange of rings. Then the signing of the registry, during which Dori’s niece, Amber, played a lovely flute number. (Oh yes, the program says, it was the Moonlight Sonata).

A tray of glasses was quickly passed around those in the studio. Ernie’s friend/witness, proposed a toast to the couple. Then they exited in a processional to “Ode to Joy.”

I had noticed on the list of participants, that our sister in Ontario, was not on the list. So I called her immediately after to confirm, and she was in tears. I felt badly for her. But assured her that Ernie had said copies would be available later on a USB stick.

I could not afford to buy her a new laptop in full, but offered to help.

Later in the afternoon she phoned back and had called the store where she’d got the one she had. They had some that seemed almost affordable, but she would have to wait for her Disability Pension at the end of the month, and that would not be enough. She has no credit card, and of course no means of seeing what models they had on their website. So I looked at them online and we discussed the options and finally decided on one, and I ordered it for her (she will reimburse later what she can afford). It is to be delivered to her door tomorrow or Thursday.

I tried taking a photo of the screen, but it just gave glare. Now it occurs to me that I should have tried a screen capture. Duh! 🙂

Oh well, if I get a copy on a USB stick – I’ll still have a chance to try it then.

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