"The RoseBouquet"

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"The RoseBouquet"

Fall-out from My Computer’s Rebirth

I know. You are tired of this topic. I am too! But things are getting better. I
just have some more learning curves to deal with.

Maybe I should just list them, and not go into a play-by-play drama about each issue. Would you prefer that? Okay. Me too. I hope by next week I have other good things to chatter about.

  1. I did get my emails set up in Kmail and Thunderbird. However these programs had upgraded to the point where the old method was not working for me. I had to learn to set up each email with IMAP settings. I think I may learn to like that, but I still have to re-do some as I discover that they don’t SEND out emails. Picky-picky!!
  2. Quanta+ the program I use to create web pages has always been tricky about installing. I got it to do so the other night, but then it doesn’t show up in the launch menu or in the filesystem. This has happened before. I know I will get it eventually, but it takes various tries.
  3. Scribus installed just fine, only it is very much upgraded too, and like an
    ermine, it will not allow an old document started in another version of
    Scribus. I had nearly finished the editorial/layout work on the Historian for my MHSS client. Now I have to look at the PDF of that file and rebuild each page from scratch. I can only rejoice that I was several weeks ahead of schedule, and as I fuss with this newer system, I’m learning BETTER layout skills.
  4. Same thing with GIMP. I could manipulate photos and images with such ease in the older version. Now the program screen looks so black and foreboding. I have to keep looking up Help to see how to complete the simplest of tasks. I spent hours last night, trying to make one little logo with just one word on it. Whew!
    However… once I have learned the new 2.10.22 version of GIMP, I should be an amazing wonder with graphics!

There are some new programs in the Launcher that I have no idea what they do. I’ll get to them eventually.

  1. My older LEAP and browsers had memorized a lot of my login details. So I could swish in and out of them in a jiffy. Now I have to start over with many of them. I know it will get easier with time, but now I get blocked out because of typos in my password. Then I have to go through extra steps to get a new one.

Good thing I only have to go through this every two or three years. (I think
there have been times in the past where I waited four years – because I dreaded all these getting started steps. But it is for our good – if we do like my pink petunias – and NOT GIVE UP – keep blooming and learning and growing in your skills!

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