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"The RoseBouquet"

Gary Finished my New Closet Yesterday!

I’m grinning like a Cheshire cat for I’ve been praying for this!

Back around Easter, cousin Gary came around to see if I had any renovation projects in mind, as he was unemployed for the winter.

As a matter of fact, I do have a list of reno projects for this summer, but one was an indoor one, so he could do it right away if he had the time.

Because I’ve lost 7.5 inches in height since I was a teenager just out of high school, and most of that disappeared just in the last 2-6 years, I was now having problems reaching my clothes in the closet on the other side of my single bed. I would have to stand on my bed to be able to choose a new outfit to wear. Standing on my bed is not fun, for it is wobbly and I have to be careful I don’t tumble. I had puzzled over this problem and decided that my best plan would be to have a new closet built behind the bedroom door, where a chest of drawers stood, and a small cabinet hung on the wall.

Gary gave me a quote, and went to work, taking the cabinet off the wall and carrying it out the back door. Together we moved the check of drawers into the space where my current closet was. He went out and bought some nice white shelving board and cut them to order.

But then Gary got a new job – this one is with asphalt – which has him working six days a week and very long days.

I try not to nag Gary, but I was praying that he would remember that he had an unfinished job here.

When he came Sunday before last to deal with my fallen tree branch, Gary saw evidence of his unfinished work on the closet. He showed up last Thursday, but realized that he had not brought the right kind of power drill. So he said he’d be back the next evening – after 8 or 9, when he finished his job work.

Secretly, I got to thinking, “Oh Good! He’s going to get it done on my birthday!”

But he didn’t show up. I told myself that he would come on Sunday – as that was his only day off. No show.

Yesterday morning, just before noon, I was remembering that this is a civic holiday here, and so I prayed that he would come finish the closet. As I lifted my head to look out the window, there was Gary’s head, arriving at my door!

I was happy to heat up a frozen pizza for our lunch.

The closet was coming together in the afternoon, but Gary remembered that he’d promised me a shelf across the front of the window so I’d have more room for plants there. (My aloe vera plants thrive in the north picture windows where they get lots of light, but no direct sunlight burn them). But Gary was out of the right kind of lumber to brace the shelf, so he took off just before supper.

He was back a little later, and got it done sometime after 9 pm. I still have some tidying up to do, but am pleased to finally have my clothes crowded into the smaller closet, hanging on an upper rod and a lower rod, where I can reach them without any difficulty.

When I’ve got things organized and tidied up, I will take a photo for you.

I did enough physical work to help yesterday that by evening I felt rather ‘tame’ as my Dad would say, and somehow that has carried over to today. Trying to let my body catch up first.

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