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Last week was exceptionally busy. Mainly with a business matter that I had to see through over several days. (Though I did have a visit of a friend on Friday afternoon to help me with sowing more flowers here and there).

You see, in recent months I’ve had problems with emails bouncing back and saying that it is because the “source is of poor reputation.” Huh?? Then I got word from one of my clients (a ministry) they were getting such bounces too.

Well, I’d heard of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for which you need to host your sites on a special server with that setup. So I went to my host’s site to learn more about that and if it would solve my problem. So far my reseller hosting package was run on a shared server. Which meant there could be others on the same server – thus, having the same IP address, which would explain that if they were guilty of spamming, all my domain emails would be tarred with the same brush.

Although moving all my sites with my hosting package to a private server (VPN) is normally expensive – well, over $119/mon. – they have a special on with a monthly rate reduced by 73%. That made it the same rate as I was paying for the shared hosting package. But I would have to pay for 3 years at a time to lock in that deal.

I phoned up Support in Texas and talked with a nice woman who explained all this to me again, and what would be involved. I decided to go for it.

It didn’t take long until I got 3-4 emails with links to get me started, and when I visited the one I was overwhelmed. Do I have to learn to run Virtuozzo to do this? I’m used to the WHM manager to set up sites…. and after a while I found the link to it. A new jazzed up version of WHM!

I prayed hard and began to look at the first steps. By the end of the evening I had figured out how to ask them to do the migration for me. But it would be up to me to go to my Registrar site, and change the name servers for each of 25 sites.

I worked on that all day Wednesday, and thought it had gone well, but when I checked Thursday morning, the sites were still on the old name servers. I had to go to a support desk in India to ask for help. (That was by Chat/text). I was given a link to a youtube video, which didn’t exist.

So I googled my question, and found other videos and webpages. Suddenly I saw that I had skipped one step in changing those nameservers. I went back to do that, and lo, it appeared to solve it for all of them.

They say to allow 24-48 hours for the sites to propagate world-wide to the new IP address.

A little later I started trying to login to each site. Just to check. Hallelujah, at some of them I had to enter the username and password again. When I got in – they were at their new IP address. In the end there were 4 sites that have not got there yet. (I checked Friday morning and still 4 sites were not on the new server, so I went to ask Support what to do about this.)

Suddenly it dawned on me. Those sites had their domains registered at a different Registrar company than mine. I would have to ask those clients to see to notifying them of the name server changes and the new IP address. Well, I had access on behalf of one client, but it was time to sow flowers with my friend.

I got that one fixed up for the client on Saturday evening. No problem, but three are still waiting. I dare not delete my old hosting account; if I do those sites will disappear. So the matter is not finished, but for now, all I can do is wait.

It is rather exciting through to see all the new or extra bells and whistles I can add to the sites’ services. For some, though, I need to learn what they are and do before I go crazy in my WHM control panel. 🙂

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