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More Snow Stories

Didn’t you just KNOW that I’d have more snow stories today? ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, that big Sunday Blizzard was 10 days ago, but there was too much to melt or truck away in this time. (And yes, the cityย  workers are trucking away big loads of snow from the streets; if they don’t get this done before the next big snowfall, it will really be impossible for the Emergency crews to get around to help anyone.)

I have enough stories though about my own adventures with shoveling snow. I told you last week about having to ask my neighbour to come clear the snow from my back door so I could reach my shovels. Well, this snow is thick and heavy. I have more physical stamina than I did last May when I was making my garden, but even now, the effort to scoop up a shovel full of snow and throw it 2-3 feet away from the path is quite exhausting. I can only endure 10 minutes of this at a time.

So last Monday, a neighbour (I didn’t see which one) cleared my walk to my door so the mailman could get through. I went out the next day (Tues), and swept my steps and shoveled the path a bit wider in the front. – I skipped a few days after that.

On Friday I went out the back door and managed to push the snow off the top deck area of my steps, and I cleared two steps below that. Enough!

Saturday I was expecting someone to drop off some proof-reading notes, so I cleared the front path of the morning’s fresh-fallen snow. Then I went out back and cleared off another step…

I really wished for Dad’s old grain shovel. It is light-weight aluminum and has a narrower, but deeper school than the blue push blade shovel. It is wide and heavy and it is hard to throw snow with that thing. But I had put the old grain shovel in the toolbox under the pantry window. To get at it I had to clear a path from the steps around to the west, and find a place to throw the snow in that tight corner by the lilac bushes.

I thought I might be able to walk through the snow like I had on Monday morning to talk to my neighbour. But when I put my foot forward into the area I had been shoveling beyond the last step I’d uncovered, I found my foot going down – and down and down, and it did not it a bottom until it was in the snow above my knee! I fell back on the last step I had uncovered, and when I’d pulled my leg back, I considered my options.

I managed to clear most of the snow in that path to the toolbox. The lid was frozen down, but I managed to pry it open and get out the grain shovel. I brought it back to the porch.

Before supper I went out again, and using the grain shovel I managed to get started on the path through the garden, but only about six feet. As far as the elm tree on the left.

Sunday the temperatures were near to 0 or melting point. I went out and although the snow was heavier I managed to make it to about the half-way point in the garden path.

Yesterday I went out again, just before supper, and though I had to stop and pant several times, I made it all the way to the tent garage slit (door).

I was eager to see how bad it was outside the gate, so I hurried around the car, and — Whoa! The snow plows have been through the alley and pushed up a ridge of hard snow/ice chunks at least two or more feet high! This ridge is about 4-5 feet wide – away from the gate. It is going to take another 2-3 days of hard shoveling to clear that space so I can back out the car and go anywhere!

I have been making up a shopping list for when I can get out, but I’m not in urgent need of anything yet, so I’m resigned that it is likely to take me to the end of this week to dig out of that Sunday Blizzard.

Now, a question: what are your snow stories like? Can you top mine? ๐Ÿ™‚


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