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My Business Pivot

Google has made an announcement that as of March next year, it will no longer bother to send visitors to sites that are NOT Responsive in design/layout.

I had meant to slowly work at one site at a time in one block of time, morning or evening, each week. This way I hoped to get 4 sites redone in a number of months. However, it was not going anywhere fast. I could see that I was spreading my work too thinly.

I have struggled with the marketing aspects of doing business online and was working hard to learn and try various methods, but none of them seemed very effective to me. I much prefer to build quality websites.

That is the first method I learned when I started to work online, 20 years ago, but I think I got rather distracted as I saw other opportunities and things to learn. (They call this the “shiny object syndrome”). Many online business people have said that they didn’t really succeed until they stuck to just one simple plan.

The point is, if I rebuild my 10-12 sites in the new Responsive method that Google is pushing – since so many now only use their phones to access the internet at all – and weave all my ads into the articles in plain text links I am more likely to get thousands of more visitors and thus a higher percentage of clicks and even buyers or signups to the products and links I would like them to take action. That will take care of all my marketing so I don’t even have to invest time or money into marketing at all.

It dawned on me while in prayer last week that it would be much wiser on my part to change my agenda or weekly schedule to power through on the site rebuilds so that they will happen faster and be more productive and fruitful much faster! To do that I could just give up the blocks of time I’d assigned to ‘do marketing’.

I had already begun to re-do my business site, BouquetofEnterprises.biz with a new template. So, I decided to change all the other blocks of time to focus on this one and get it done before I do that with another one.

A major advantage is that I don’t have to mentally change gears to think about another site when I already have my head full of one. Over the rest of last week I got 3 folders of webpages on that site done. I have 6 or 7 more to get done, and then this site will be completed! Maybe by the end of this week!

I can start on the next site immediately after, which I plan to be the
aloe-vera-and-handy-herbs.com site At this rate, I may really get 4 sites done by the end of December.

Apparently, this kind of shift in focus is called a Pivot in business style or
approach. Many are talking of having to do a Pivot because of this pandemic – COVID. Usually they are talking of taking their business home, or online.

My Pivot means that after my sites are rebuilt, and yes, maybe I’ll need to add some good keyword-rich articles, then those sites can each quietly make me a passive income stream. Meaning LESS work in the long run.

I tell you, friends, our Lord understands good business principles far better
than we do. It is quite safe to ask Him for advice and then to take it! 🙂

How does this pivot affect you?

Well, fortunately for you, I’ve decided to keep Tuesday mornings for the RoseBouquet. So you are the ones most likely to get updates on my progress.
However, I may try to write shorter items, so I can get back to my main site project of the week.

One more thing, instead of plastering ads all over the sites, I will embed subtle, plain text links in the articles – and only for my other sites, and products or programs to which I am truly committed and which are in keeping with the theme of each particular site. Even Google AdSense ads are getting to be old hat. I’m sure many others, just like me, slide their eyes right past them.

I will not forget you, and will be happy to report my progress weekly. It may be the end of 2021 before I’m done with all the sites, but then, hopefully, the sites will all do wonderfully well, re-built – more accessible and effective. And bringing a passive income that doesn’t need a lot of hard labour.

Meaning I may have more free time. 🙂

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