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My Computer Crisis!

You probably don’t care for this kind of news, but it is the major event in my life last week – and it is not quite complete yet.

As usual, last Thursday, I came to my computer as soon as I was dressed and had made my instant coffee. Only my computer would not come on! I tried this and that, and that too, and even changed the monitor, but it was as dead as a doornail.

Finally, I set up on my laptop for my devotional time, and to research the computer issue. After a while I was convinced it was just the powerbox that had experienced an electrical surge the day before when the power went off for just a minute. (That happened before years ago, and it only took minutes for a techie to install a new powerbox.)

The place where I’ve been going for computer parts and repairs has shut down during this COVID period, so I hunted for a new place. I found one just 2 blocks from my house. The owner said his technician was at the doctors, but yes, I could bring my computer over. I left it there, and he called shortly after to say his technician would be off all day. He figured it would just take 4 hours to diagnose the problem the next day.

That meant I had to find other things to do, and that evening was committed to my regular (& paying) client. I had to find a way to let Susan know that I wouldn’t be able to do the work until Friday evening.

So I busied myself with some deep cleaning in the kitchen, and when I got tired, I sat down to sort and put seeds away in containers and little brown envelopes. (I’ve already got 2 bins and most of a box full, but I haven’t dealt with all the marigold seeds yet. Want some?)

Friday morning I dashed off for a quick shopping trip to the Mission Thrift store to keep a promise to someone else. I hurried home so that I would not miss the call that my computer was ready for pickup. By 3:30 I was impatient enough to phone them.

“Well, the Tech is working on it at our other location; I’ll check with him and call you back.”

He called back in minutes to say that the motherboard was shot/wasted/toast. Really? I had been sure it was the powerbox. But they could sell me another computer for $99 or a bigger, better one for $130.

That would be used ones; I said I’d have to see them first. So he gave me directions to get to their other location at the west end. Q-Tech. I hurried over there. Saw that the $130 computer was bigger and more powerful than mine had been, which was already 7-9 years old. It came with a 1 TB hard drive. That would be nice, BUT…. I needed all the information and files and much valuable stuff on my old hard drive! I told the techie that I would pay extra if he would put my old 500 GB hard drive into this newer computer. I MUST have that ready for that same evening to work for a client! (eg. I had already put months into doing the layout for the publication was was to go to the printers soon for MHSS – If I had to do all that work over from scratch … oh, I couldn’t think about that!)

The techie said he would need another hour to do that. (My thought: my previous technical people have done that in less than 15 minutes!) I remained polite and said I would go shopping for a few things in Superstore and be back within the hour. I was too. Just as he was testing it to make sure the hard drive was accessible. It looked okay, so I paid. I put the computer box under my arm and headed for home.

Before I even made supper I hooked it up and made sure it was in good order. I was able to put in another 5 hours on the Historian and also send out an announcement ezine for this client.

Saturday I was in full domestic mode, getting ready for Thanksgiving with my guests, but of course, I had my BBN radio on all day on the computer. I was again, rather sleepy by the time I got settled in front of the computer in the evening.

So it was Sunday evening and yesterday that I began to notice that there were little quirks or problems. I could not login to some sites, my emails would not leave the Outbox…When I checked settings, I found that the computer had a different name than it used to, and that seemed to confuse it. For quite a while the cursor disappeared and either would not budge or was simply not even visible on the screen. I had to force a shutdown to clear some of that up.

Last night I did more research and discovered that moving a hard drive from one computer to another can cause such freaky incidents. I came to a conclusion: I must do a complete backup of all on this hard drive, and then erase it all, and install a newer updated system, LEAP 15.2, then I need to copy back all my files from the backup drive. I started the backup last night, but it will take some time to finish it and the fresh installation.

Even when that is all done, because I set up about 2 dozen domain emails in my KMail program, I know from the past that it will take nearly two days to complete those steps.

Conclusion/Notice: If you email me, it may take me a couple of days to answer. I haven’t vanished. But I’m re-starting with this computer.

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