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My Garden is Tilled!

Yes, my garden is tilled, as of yesterday late afternoon. But last week was full of delays. It took me over an hour to pull the weeds on the west side of the garden last Tuesday evening.

I was going out right after breakfast the next morning to get at the west side weeds, when it started to rain. I backed off. It rained all day – a slow soaker kind of rain, and then during the night there was a strong electrical thunderstorm with vivid flashes in the skies.

Thursday morning the sun was out again, but then I gave up that day for the garden to dry out some, so it would be easier to pull the weeds. By Friday morning I was impatient to get the weeds pulled so there might be a chance of Rob coming to till the garden for or early on Saturday. The weeds were tall enough to really mess up the blades of his machine, so this preparation step was crucial.

I got two more jumbo garbage bags filled with the green weeds by noon. Then I really needed a break, so I took time for lunch and checking emails. Then, about 4:30 went out to finish the job before supper. That took until 6 pm.

But when I called Rob, I had to leave a message. And wait. Saturday morning I phoned again, and left another message. I was beginning to check online to see if anyone else was available when Rob called back. He could come Monday late afternoon. I accepted that and tried to reassure myself that I could wait longer for my garden.

Since I’d just had breakfast at noon, I made a lunch hour run for groceries, and then got back to work at cleaning up the garden, pulling grasses out of the green onions, which are thriving.

green spring onions in abundance - need 

I found lots of places to weed and clean up, including carrying away the old fence boards and a roll of wire fencing from the place where I wanted to put raspberry canes. By the way, these chives are up and ready to use.

the chives are up and ready to use too

Somewhere during the afternoon I began to feel a pinch in my left side. (I hoped it didn’t mean stress on my heart), but I pressed on until finally I knew I was at the end of my strength. I quit and went inside.

I’d hardly finished a light supper when I began to get intense cramps in my ankles and my lower legs, even my right hip for a minute. I took painkillers and applied ointments, but these cramps would not give up, so I had to resort to soaking in a hot bath until the water grew cold. That did help! I also concluded that the stitch in my side which would not leave, was not my heart, but lower down, near the bottom of my rib cage, and it could only be one thing. A cracked rib. (I’ve had those before from rolling over in bed – a few years ago, so I know that heat and rest are the best remedies).

I could see more to clean up in the garden and backyard, but decided that it didn’t matter. I would take Sunday off as a quiet day of rest.

Rob called to say he would be here at 5 pm. So I went to move my car out of the tent garage and to my front door. In my hurry I accidentally bumped the gate post and shifted the hinge to a crazy angle. (Gary has fixed that a couple of times for me, so I’ll have to give him a call. Meantime, Rob helped lift and move the gate closed after I’d brought the car back).

Rob with his rototiller in my garden

Here he is doing a good job of letting his rototiller creep slowly through the soil, churning it up well, so it is fluffy and deep! Just like Dad would do! He did most of his lines over again to make it extra good.

here he is tilling up a place for a 
row of raspberry canes

Here he is between the two garages, turning up raw prairie soil so I can plant some raspberry canes as I promised my neighbour last year. I told him I would share the raspberries with them, if he would allow me to put them where the fence is suppose to be between our properties.

Rob told me as he was leaving that there were suppose to be rain showers today. So I’ve been watching the sky this morning. The street is partly wet, so I think there has been a light rain, but now the sky is clearing so I hope I can get started at sowing my seeds over my supper/domestic break tonight. The forecast is for no more rain until next week Tuesday. My hope now is that in short work spells I can get my garden seeded through the rest of this week. Maybe with an extra spurt on Saturday.

If you can’t get a hold of me, remind yourself that I’m probably busy in the garden!

Count your blessings if you are already finished with all this work! 🙂

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